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  1. Awesome I will check him out! I originaly thought the holes may have been caused by the salt water rusting out possible iron as it was found on the beach...the 3 pieces were found maybe 20 and 30 feet apart and fit together perfectly..that in itself was worth the find even if it's from Earth haha. There is no streak when testing top and bottom..the sides however as they were weathered leave a black streak Thanks again!, Have a good one
  2. Found this washed up on the beach a couple years ago and forgot all about it..sanded out a little window and it has fleks of another metal type it looks like.. It is slightly magnetic. Heavy and smooth. Looks like it was once part of a bigger piece that has been broken in pieces has a thin crust on top and bottom..sides are missing. Not detected by metal detector.
  3. Thank you, currently trying to clean it up. I need to grab some proper supplies at some point.
  4. It's all from the same piece..a small piece broke off. The little tiny white piece was the one I had torched. And the tile it had scratched
  5. Hey everyone! While on a beach walk I cam across this thing. Pretty heavy for the size Can scratch quartz and tile but nothing happens to the mineral. Seems to repel water quite well. Pretty darn hard Light can pass through Heated a shard with a propane torch on full and it started to get a white haze. After a couple minutes when it was white hot I turned off the heat. It cooled down and the entire piece was white all the way through and sweat a tiny bead of a silvery metal of some type. Steel nail just leaves a metal residue that can be cleaned o
  6. I'm new here, been looking for a good forum to find information on things I find when out on the beach as I am new to mineral/rock collecting
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