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  1. If you will look in my post I said that no lunar meteorites have been found in North America and that I ended my last post with the statement that I have a rock. I also said that your responses led me to more questions, not about meteorites but questions about how this rock ended up under ground in a field in Oklahoma. A rock that I have never seen in Oklahoma anywhere. I am not questioning anyone's expertise here I am just curious now what it actually is.
  2. I have seen a couple photos of claimed lunar meteorites that look very similar to this. The 3 main things that i found while reading how to identify a meteorite was 1. The crust. 2. Scratching on porcelain. 3. No sharp edges or points. I noticed the area that is slick has no sharp edges and is smooth where the other sides have sharp edges and a course finish and looks like it is just a part of a larger rock. Also under the smoother part you can see at it's edges what looks like a thin crust and last when I scratch it on porcelain it leaves no marks. I understand that no lunar meteorites h
  3. This is why I am looking into the possibility of this being a lunar meteorite. I read through the various sites with different steps to help identify a meteorite. This rock is not magnetic and does not attract a magnet. Information I found stated that lunar meteorites have little to no metal and will not attract a magnet. Part of this rock is glossy and smooth that when looked at from the side, it appears to have a crust. Other information says that the exterior of a lunar meteorite will have a crust. This smooth part does not cover the entire rock it appears to be a chunk of a larger rock. Wh
  4. Hi I'm new here . I wrote up this really cool intro and when I attached these photos and posted it the really cool intro was completely covered by the photos. Since I am a hunt and peck one finger typist I said forget the intro. I found this rock in Oklahoma and am trying to see if it is a meteorite. I have spent a lot of hours reading and going through photos on meteorites which means I know very little about them so now I am turning this loose on you all and wait for your input. My belief is that this is a lunar meteorite but we can discuss that later thanks.
  5. Hi I am new here. My name is Gary Charlton and I am from Oklahoma. I joined this forum to see about getting opinions in identifying a rock I found that may be a meteorite. I will be posting photos and waiting for input. Thanks.
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