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  1. If you will look in my post I said that no lunar meteorites have been found in North America and that I ended my last post with the statement that I have a rock. I also said that your responses led me to more questions, not about meteorites but questions about how this rock ended up under ground in a field in Oklahoma. A rock that I have never seen in Oklahoma anywhere. I am not questioning anyone's expertise here I am just curious now what it actually is.
  2. I have seen a couple photos of claimed lunar meteorites that look very similar to this. The 3 main things that i found while reading how to identify a meteorite was 1. The crust. 2. Scratching on porcelain. 3. No sharp edges or points. I noticed the area that is slick has no sharp edges and is smooth where the other sides have sharp edges and a course finish and looks like it is just a part of a larger rock. Also under the smoother part you can see at it's edges what looks like a thin crust and last when I scratch it on porcelain it leaves no marks. I understand that no lunar meteorites have been found in North America but not fact and the possibility is open. Because of what I read I felt a need to come here and ask some experts. Next thing, this opens up more questions. How does a foreign rock pop up in Oklahoma, if it's from a glacier and been here thousands of years why is only a third of it smooth? The evident crust and smoothness? Will the smooth part and crust form by any other means than extreme heat? These are just more questions as to how why what and where. Plus wishful thinking knowing that a lunar meteorite this size found in the U.S. of A. would be retirement money. But I got a crusted 1/3 rd polished rock from????
  3. This is why I am looking into the possibility of this being a lunar meteorite. I read through the various sites with different steps to help identify a meteorite. This rock is not magnetic and does not attract a magnet. Information I found stated that lunar meteorites have little to no metal and will not attract a magnet. Part of this rock is glossy and smooth that when looked at from the side, it appears to have a crust. Other information says that the exterior of a lunar meteorite will have a crust. This smooth part does not cover the entire rock it appears to be a chunk of a larger rock. When I scratch it on the back side of my toilet lid it leaves no marks. I know that these few things don't make it a meteorite but does make it worth looking into. I found this here in Oklahoma in a field that I have been driving over the past 5 years. The grass in this area is a very thick Bermuda except where I have been driving, there it is just dirt. I* just recently noticed that after a good rain these small rocks appearing and started picking them up because I noticed that some of them have what appear to be fossils embedded in them. Then last week when I was picking up some rocks that washed through the dirt I came across one the I couldn't just pull up with my fingers and had to get something to dig it out with. This rock is about the size of a mans fist and looks like it is broken off from a larger rock. The next good rain I am going to keep my eyes open to see if any others pop up. This rock is not like any rock I've ever seen in Oklahoma, Any way I look forward to any discussion about what it may or may not be. I believe my next step will be to cut a sample of it and have it tested. Thanks.
  4. Hi I'm new here . I wrote up this really cool intro and when I attached these photos and posted it the really cool intro was completely covered by the photos. Since I am a hunt and peck one finger typist I said forget the intro. I found this rock in Oklahoma and am trying to see if it is a meteorite. I have spent a lot of hours reading and going through photos on meteorites which means I know very little about them so now I am turning this loose on you all and wait for your input. My belief is that this is a lunar meteorite but we can discuss that later thanks.
  5. Hi I am new here. My name is Gary Charlton and I am from Oklahoma. I joined this forum to see about getting opinions in identifying a rock I found that may be a meteorite. I will be posting photos and waiting for input. Thanks.
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