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  1. Hello All, I am looking for New or USED Waterproof Headphones for the Minelab Equinox and would like to trade my Brand New still in the box Apple AirPods. I would like either the Minelab phones, Grey Ghost Amphibians, or the Tony Esienhower's. Thank you!
  2. Hey Doc, could we see the bottom of the boots for the treads. Especially the tan. Although i still have a lot of wear left on my black ones
  3. These boots are awesome and completely metal free. They are great for "normal" detecting, and are very light. However, not sure how good they would be for extreme long distance hikes. I probably would try it but...... https://www.batesfootwear.com/US/en/8"-tactical-sport-boot/20073M.html?dwvar_20073M_color=E02260#cgid=men-style-boots&start=1 Don't get any of the side zips. They say metal free but the zipper has metal in it. I tested with my pin-pointer and had to go through a couple return processes. However, the customer service is fantastic and due to their error shipped overnight the boots to me while I was traveling.
  4. Hello all! I can not seem to find a copy to purchase of the 8th Edition of Jim Straight's Follow the Drywashers Vol 3. The Nuggetshooters Bible. I have the 6th Edition and I would like to see what has been updated and added since. I have heard there are over 40 new pages of material! The other book that I have been wanting to read is Larry Sallee's The Complete Unabridged Zip Zip! I just can not afford the $200 price tag on this book nor do any libraries have it. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me borrow their copies. I would only need it for a couple weeks. I would pay for shipping both ways (PayPal friends), I could even put a deposit down or something. Would anyone be willing to give a hand? Thank you!
  5. Definitely can not forget the SPF clothing. I have a big scar on my back too. My dermatologist said that even clothing does not block the sun unless it is SPF certified. Since I am in the sun for most of the year I now where that clothing or have to put sunscreen on under my cloths. I hate the feel of sunscreen LOL! So I wear long-sleeve SPF shirt, SPF pants and the most important, SPF buff that I put over my head and neck. Then I only have to put the screen on my face and hands LOL. It works for me LOL.
  6. Though I might just give this a little bump up. Anybody even have the 8th? LOL
  7. I appreciate that Terry! Let's see if someone will help me with the 8th first. A man only has his word and honor to back up his name, you would not lose this book.
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