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  1. I’ll go with 20, although I think its slightly less. Thanks Terry!
  2. Research research research then prospect. 80% Research 20% Prospect. I suggest reading Chris Ralph’s book Fists Full of Gold. This will help you get started and be a reference beyond that. Also get out anywhere and practice with your detector (coins, jewelry, garbage, whatever...). Just to learn how to really use and not turn on and go. Join a local club for sure to start.
  3. Orthoconic ammonite piece, probably Orthoceras. Its an internal mold, “stienkern”, of part of it chambers. We have these all over the black shales in SD. Cool piece!
  4. My first thought too was a meteorite as well
  5. Yeah bummer for her. It all depends if it is Hemp based or Cannabis based. Hemp based is legal now under federal law since Trump signed the recent Farm bill, but some states haven’t adopted it like mine here in SD, although there is really no way to enforce or stop it from being bought out of state because the state does not have the resources to do it and the feds can’t since its legal for their jurisdiction. Cannabis based is different, states where legal wont enforce at state level but feds could since Cannabis is still a Level 1 narcotic according to law. This I hope will change in the future.
  6. Hello All, Not sure if others have seen this but Miner John lost everything in the Paradise Fire back in Nov. I wish him the best on getting his feet back on the ground, with such a terrible loss. Obviously because of this, his coil covers are not being produced at least at this time (his site says at some point he hopes to be back in business). I am in desperate need of a coil cover for my GPZ 14" and really don't want to have the go with a Minelab one. Every place I have looked that used to sell Miner Johns coil covers is Out of Stock. Does anyone know where there still might be some for sale, or does anyone have an extra one they would like to sell me? If so please let me know, we can easily do PayPal friends and family or cashier check. My Minelab coil cover started getting a couple small holes in it and it got pretty coated too with the chloroform of scorpion weed. A new plant that I unfortunately learned about, ugh. Thanks!
  7. Plugger Shaft Locks for Minelab Equinox Metal Detector Shafts No Metal I ordered these but never got around to using them. Here is his description: This shaft lock does not use a cam, it just clamps around the lower rod and holds it securely. No Metal screws. Made of strong ABS with Black Nylon Screws & Wing Nut for tightening up the lower coil rod. This lock will fit both the 600 & 800 model shafts but you need to cut the old twist lock off behind the body, shaft and all. If you don't cut the shaft off the snap button may get "captured" by the 1/2" hole that the cam sits in and it is difficult to get the snap button free after that! If you do not want to cut the stock shaft off, please do not buy this lock!
  8. I would like to trade my brand new, unopened, still in the packaging Minelab Equinox WM08. I am looking for a Minelab GPZ7000 WM12. It can be used if not abused. They both sell for the same amount. Actually the WM08 sells for 4 bucks more. I don't use headphones, so it would be nice to have a back up. I would be willing to sell this if you give me the same amount to buy a WM12. Thanks everyone!
  9. The publishing rights have been sold according to Rob Allison. But the new owner will not republish and Rob even tried to buy the rights to no avail. So no more books...😔
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