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  1. So don't buy one. Didn’t realize we need Consumer Affairs on a detecting forum. I ditched my 7k for the 6k and havn’t regretted it. Thanks for looking out for the stupid folk who follow blindly fishing8046. 🤦‍♂️ Cmon you don’t think people can make up their own minds and decisions based on information presented. Minelab will make improvements as tech increases, all tech companies do. Its up to you if choose to use 7 year old tech or the latest.
  2. Have you opened one? There like 7 processors in there.
  3. Remember you are not forced to buy anything. If you want the latest, get it. If not don’t. Some people like old cars some like new. Same concept. I look at the detector like a computer, if you want the latest tech that has a faster processor, that is more efficient, buy it. We upgrade our phones way more often, some see the benefits, others can’t.
  4. Yeah I am down to just sticking my scoop in my back pocket, finds bottle in my top pocket, pick over shoulder and detector in the other. The external speaker is so loud that you only need to have it set at one or two. I can get out and detect in a matter of minutes now instead of having to pack everything up like I used to. Art, no need for the pinpointer. The 17x13 might want a guide arm.
  5. Its not an investment. How many other things do you buy that you have to validate as an investment? If it was about the money then 90% of the people should just….invest. Oh and stop buying things that just make you smile. 🤦‍♂️
  6. Yup its a bad detector don’t buy it. 😉 Great start 1514art!
  7. I have been following your vids but haven't seen anything deep yet. I was wondering how you might compare with depth vs a GPZ on different various size nuggets.
  8. Thats me! Yup still for sale. I’ll send you a PM too!
  9. Yes I do! Its listed here too. $750 brand new still in box plus an extra coil cover (used). $750 shipped to lower 48. Shoot me a PM and we can exchange numbers and chat if you’d like.
  10. Brand new still in the box. $750 shipped
  11. I wasn’t complaining about having ads just the way they are displayed has changed. People gotta make money I get it.
  12. I use safari on my ipad. Ads inbetween every post and when you scroll there is a dropdown add at the top that stays on the screen the entire time scrolling. That one i hate the most. Every now and then when you click on the topic in the main page you will get a pop-up ad too. I do not think it is the browser because on the other three forms that I visit which have the same set up as this one there are none of these ads. It has to be setting and it probably started almost 2 months ago. Below is a pic of what i mean after i just responded to the post.
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