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  1. I wasn’t complaining about having ads just the way they are displayed has changed. People gotta make money I get it.
  2. I use safari on my ipad. Ads inbetween every post and when you scroll there is a dropdown add at the top that stays on the screen the entire time scrolling. That one i hate the most. Every now and then when you click on the topic in the main page you will get a pop-up ad too. I do not think it is the browser because on the other three forms that I visit which have the same set up as this one there are none of these ads. It has to be setting and it probably started almost 2 months ago. Below is a pic of what i mean after i just responded to the post.
  3. For maybe over the last month or so the advertising on this forum has changed. I don’t mean the content I mean the way that it is displayed. I can only talk about how it’s being used on a tablet but it is really annoying. There are drop downs or if you click on a link a pop up every now and then shows up that you have to close. The most annoying is the drop down especially when you want to go back up to the top and you click it on accident when scrolling. I don’t know if this was done by the administrators or something the website did on it’s own but it has really discouraged me from checkin
  4. No worries i got tons o patience. Just thought with memberships being sold that some areas would already be solidified.
  5. This book has more build up than Minelab does with its detectors LOL! I hope it meets expectations!
  6. So I would like to join but I’d be kind of curious where the claims are and how many. Some clubs don’t like to give exact coordinates and some do it doesn’t matter to me but I just like to know “something” before joining
  7. Not sure where you are from but I encountered Cholla cactus for the first time last year. Every day they got me LOL I’ve learned next time to bring a pair of pliers along because trying to get them off just keeps getting worse and worse LOL
  8. Corn flakes lead to kernels and then to popcorn 😂
  9. This was a club I really wanted part of but could not get in. I liked how it had claims all over the west.
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