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  1. Thank you guys so much! If there's any other type of photos you'd like to help solidify youre identification just let me know! I don't have any other information because they were essentially dug out of a mystery bin of random rocks/crystals (vendor didn't even know they were in there)
  2. The first is suspected opalized wood but I wanted a confirmation from others. The second I forgot what it was but I remember that it forms underneath sand, it's a soft crystal, and that is sand trapped inside of it. The last photo my guess is marble some other type of mineral. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. So I did some intense research and have found out that you are 50% right. It is actually Amazonite with smokey quartz AND mica, hahah how crazy is that? Thank you all for helping me!!
  4. I did some research and found out that it is an amethyst Slab with Groethite Inclusions! Thanks for all your help!!
  5. I will try to get a better photo focusing on the gray crystal later
  6. Are you sure the gray is smokey quartz? It doesn't quite look like that of a quartz formation it looks more similar to selenite formations
  7. I got this at a local crystal show but didn't look close enough to see that there are brown formations in the amethyst crystals! Does anyone know what this may be? Disclaimer: it is not tourmalated because I know what that looks like. Thank you to anyone who can shed some light on my conundrum!
  8. I bought this at a crystal show and was in a hurry so I forgot to look at the name! If anyone has any idea what this is, that would be so helpful!!
  9. I can take a better photo with just it when I get back home, sorry! This was just the photos I took when I found it haha, thank you!
  10. Found this near St. Louis Mo, it is slightly blue and white and has white crystals in ball structures. Any help would be appreciated!
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