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  1. Sorry, that is what you have seen in Michigan?
  2. I also threw a chunk in the fire and some orangish yellow liquid bubbled out
  3. I originally picked it up because of the light bluish green color. It has the same color in the middle. When I cracked it more it gets weirder...and I don't have pics yet. Its hard, seems like mineral. Still stinky, hubby says sulphury. It is greener in the middle with slightly reflective black areas. And what looks like bits of pyrite. And some teeny pockets of tiny orange crystals. Sooooo......???
  4. But yes, this is goofy 🤪 The smell is from organic material, I'm pretty certain. Smells like my husband's protein skimmer from his salt aquarium. I'm thinking that the holes have just filled with water and organic lake type stuff and it's just rotting and stinking. There are a lot of holey rocks that stink just the same, wondering what type of material it could be
  5. Busted this open at lake Erie and it's weird and stinks...what could it be?
  6. Found a few "geodized" brachiopods while in Ohio this summer
  7. Check out the previous post by morlock, that link shows what the lepidodendron looked like
  8. Just look at that too....same location
  9. Great idea with the sandpaper. I don't have a rod, just a flat piece, makes it difficult. What i could see was small ceramic debris on the crystal. We definitely don't want any broken hearts lol
  10. I did poke at it. Was reluctant to do any kind of damage, but it scratches easily, so I'm thinking it is all calcite down in there
  11. Found it in McAdoo, Pennsylvania.
  12. Getting a reddish brown streak from the matrix, the actual crystal isn't easy to test, but from what I can tell, it's scratching the ceramic
  13. And hello page two! I'm all caught up ha! New pics are all quartz, tested them
  14. I would swear this is NOT cinnabar. There is no softness to it. Nowhere is it pokeable lol. I agree that the structure in the broken area doesn't look like quartz. However, it is not soft.
  15. And my other post disappeared...oh well
  16. The larger crystals are calcite, just not sure about the littles
  17. Some botryiodal calcite formations in there?
  18. Piece in original post is back, right. Not soft as I would suspect cinnabar to be. Surface scratched with a steel dental pick and quartz, scratches fluorite. (Not very scientific, I know). Other rocks for comparison to what was turning up in that area.
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