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  1. Thanks! In PA. Don't usually make it very far from home, with three kids and all.
  2. Im pretty serious and I do have reference material. Books, mindat, the entire internet really...all readily available. However, to ask the particular question about if and how acid could affect a certain mineral, seemed like other people, like yourself, would be the better resource. I do apologise for not including the location, I forget that other people don't know that I only have time to collect locally in PA. This came from PA. Previous posts have mentioned when I have something of unknown origin, things I have bought at auction. I don't like to influence other's opinions, I've seen too many people jump on ID bandwagons in other formus. But I agree that my posts can be too vague. Forgive me? I will check to see if there is a location specific handbook, great idea
  3. An I always fuss over the small stuff lol...
  4. I thought the same thing, it's in such small amounts/pieces it's difficult to test
  5. After soaking a few pieces of quartz in muriatic acid, what I thought could be small radials of pyrite, are now green. Any ideas? Did the acid affect the mineral, or did it simply remove an iron oxide crust. Pics are really hard to take, it's so small. Including a before pic too. Third pic shows the color the best.
  6. Completely agree, there's a charm, to me, in seeing the various formations and intricacies
  7. Anyone else here keeping weird broken chunks for a single perfectly clear quartz point? Or is it just me?
  8. Good though on the marcasite. There is actually a little cube formation here and there. Hard to see here
  9. Not magnetic, has a reddish brown streak. Saw pyrite and pseudomorphs in the same area. Not sure, myself
  10. Thanks! I do love it, it's so fragile though
  11. What would you call this? Some quartz with very soft pyrite like material. Poor structure, it crumbles VID_20180902_163406.mp4
  12. I'm sure you guys have seen this before, but I picked this up yesterday cause I thought it was cool how the black had grown in between and around the crystals. Broke it accidentally when I split the rock, but now I can really see the shape it took around the quartz.
  13. No strong reaction to the vinegar. Not that I would expect from calcite
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