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  1. The thing is very big . Yea it's in Egypt . But glass dosnt scratch glass right ? It's about (which I had a scale) it weighs about 10-15 lbs .. I will looked up Judea glass . Thanks for the tpi . Appreciate your time and efforts ! Rena
  2. Good morning. Been searching the net trying to figure it out but it's hard . I am from Minnesota but living Egypt . Where I live they are building and doing alot of rockblasting . Any ways I found this rock. . When searching the forms here. I did find something like it but thefference is there is alot of hold and bubbles in it. I think it's green obsedine (sorry spelling). It looks like glass but it's very heavy. It scraches glass . There is also a seed ? Or something trapped in it. Lava glass? It looks like a crystal but not see through . I will try to post a pic but it will not do it justice. I am sorry I am new to this and just know a little bit. Also , being here in Egypt I have no idea who you ask but Any suggestions of where to gain more info . Or ideas of what it is. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much for your time . Rena
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