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  1. I never knew you Jim, but have heard many great things about you. Thank you for passing on such great knowledge. Bill has passed your knowledge along to so many including myself. I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of this gold prospecting community. RIP Jim Straight.
  2. Im up to 29 nuggets now!😁
  3. So glad to hear!🙏
  4. 60 days is good! Been longer before for me. Persitence is the key!😁 Happy Hunting!
  5. Worked hard this past weekend. Better than being skunked.
  6. Found my biggest one this weekend! A total of five nuggets!😊
  7. Happy late birthday! Sorry don't get on the forum everyday!
  8. She sounds like me! I do the same thing! Tell her don't give up though!💪😄
  9. Yeah the new Minelab pro pointer 35 will without a doubt
  10. I have it in my bottle!😂 He walked away from it. I still call it the teamwork nugget. Watch the You Tube video when we post it.😁
  11. So Bill was hunting with the GPZ 7000 today. He found a target and after digging it up some lost the target and got frustrated and gave the target to me and I dug this up. I call it the teamwork nugget!😄
  12. Found my second half gram nugget! Last one was 7 months ago!😁
  13. Got a little nugget today! It's been 3 months!😆
  14. Bill wanted to know if anybody has and HD videos from the outing. He was to busy to film much.
  15. Love your flyer Doc you sent to Bill! Think I should put it on the fridge and then I can see you everyday!😊😄
  16. Y'all are too funny! Just you wait will be a matter of time I go out alone and bring home gold!😜
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