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  1. Zul

    NWA Meteorite

    I won't deny it, this is really good
  2. Zul

    NWA Meteorite

    Hello Mikestang yes, what I think is it could be an NWA 869 or am I wrong?
  3. Hello I have a NWA meteorite but i can't identify what type of NWA meteorite is this, can anyone help me? Sorry if the picture is kinda bad, i'm not really good with camera as you can see hahaha Thank You
  4. Zul

    Hello Everybody

    Hello Saul nice to meet you
  5. Zul

    Hello Everybody

    Thanks Au Seeker :-)
  6. Zul

    Hello Everybody

    I'm from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, love collecting coins and meteorite
  7. Zul

    Hello Everybody

    I'm from Malaysia, and I'm a coin collector and also a meteorite collector :-)
  8. Zul

    Equinox Gets Silver Today!

    Nice Find
  9. Hello, how it's been going? I'm new here nice to meet you all