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  1. I've known a few people from Indiana. Small world. Probably if you drove all the way to Chicago, you'd run into a few Sauls. The name's more common the farther you get from Indiana. There have been many hundreds of famous men in the U.S. with the name -- Pulitzer prize winners, medical researchers, prominent physicists, judges, sci-fi authors, inventors. There were Sauls in the U.S. before there was a U.S. Some have even served in the U.S. armed forces. (Edited for typo)
  2. I remember when the high school moved to the new site, and the old campus was turned into a junior high, but I didn't attend high school at either campus. I was shuttled back and forth to another state for my education, such as it is. Yes, I realize things have changed there. I had family near Prescott until last year, and have been back a number of times over the years. Some of that ground around town, I hated to see developed. It makes me glad that there'[s so much undevelopable public land.
  3. Oh boy, I dunno. My ancient Egyptian is a bit rusty. It's been exactly 3330 years and two days since we left Egypt (as a matter of fact, we're celebrating Pesach right now, which is why I didn't answer earlier), and I didn't inherit any secret decoder rings from back then. If you need help reading any Hebrew, Aramaic or Yiddish inscriptions you come across in the desert, I'm your guy. But not Egyptian. I have to ask, are you thinking that some miner in the 1800s chiselled an Egyptian symbol in Arizona, or are you thinking that the Egyptians got here first? There's actually a major religion in the Western U.S. that believes we were here first, that the Native Americans were Jews. Trust me, it ain't so. If that symbol marks a mine, why not get some samples assayed? If it's valuable, develop it, or find someone with resources to do so. Bad luck is something that we manufacture for ourselves, and has nothing to do with a curse attached to a physical object or place. I wish you well.
  4. Drat. I guess I'll just stay out here in the East.
  5. Cool find. With a different shaft, that wheel would make a wonderful fly for a blacksmith's trip hammer.
  6. Thanks for the kind welcome. I'm enjoying reading others' stories here, and learning. Also, I'm hoping that the rest of you haven't stripped AZ bare by the time I resettle there. Thank you. If I can remember how to exploit a dwt a day, I'll be content.
  7. Thank you. I was one of those low-maintenance rock-moving contraptions a few decades ago. Theoretically, it builds character.
  8. My name's Saul. I'm a grouchy old geezer, twice widowed, once divorced, who was raised in Prescott back when there weren't many of my folks in Arizona (I'm a Jew). I had an uncle and two great uncles who were prospectors in Nevada and Arizona, and they took turns using me as a rock-moving indentured servant, starting when I was about 6. (I never have figured out how they decided who got me on a particular weekend or a given summer – maybe I was the winnings in a series of low-stakes poker games, but regardless, I enjoyed tramping about in the desert, finding gold and tarantulas, and listening to the uncles, and my grandfather, at the campfires telling family history from the pre-America stages of our long exile). Later, I spent 20 years in Alaska, where I was an editor at a now-defunct Anchorage daily paper and later at a chain of village newspapers owned by one of the Native corporations. Up North, I also ran several of my own businesses while raising my kids as a single dad. I've owned several claims over the years – one in California that I gave to a younger brother as a wedding gift, and a couple below Hatcher Pass and another near Talkeetna in Alaska. Since 2002 I've lived in Idaho, New York and currently Missouri. These last two states, I've really missed the gold, so I'm preparing to move back to my childhood haunts around Prescott later this year. While plotting to make my next fortune I came across this forum. So here I am. By this time next year I'll be posting photos of my finds, unless I've gone so broke that I've pawned the computer. One never knows.
  9. Please pardon a newbie stepping right up with advice. I've been reading the forums for a while, and noticed that there's a member named Adam who moves and stacks mountains of rocks and boulders using a device he calls a Boulder Dash. This Adam fellow claims that his Boulder Dash contraption runs on water, all day on only three gallons. Although I'm not certain whether or not it can be carried via backpack, it does seem to have a reputation for reliability and functionality. If I needed to move a lot of rocks, I'd look into renting a Boulder Dash by the day. Happy hunting -- Saul
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