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  1. Saul R W

    Gas Vac and new vortex separator

    Jack, I like your contraption. I ran across those bucket-top dust settlers on eBay, and have been thinking about building something similar to yours. I haven't yet looked at one of the units up close and personal, and have been wondering about the plastic used, what kind of plastic, how thick it is. I used to install new PTFE strips on a girlfriend's dog sled runners every year, and those little 1/4" strips of Teflon lasted for thousands of miles, sometimes being dragged across pavement while training, and over rocks and gravel in river beds, so some plastics can take a ton of abuse and impact and abrasion. Maybe you'll get lucky and the thing will last way longer than you think it will. Anyway, great idea for saving your vac fan from being destroyed by gravel.
  2. Saul R W

    Prospectors Soap

    It's "How's about dem Bears" to the few Chicagonians I know.
  3. Saul R W

    Prospectors Soap

    Yeah, I'm sorta getting creeped out by this whole scene. It's gonna take more than bay and tobacco to clear the air.
  4. Saul R W

    Prospectors Soap

    This has turned into a good thread, a bunch of stinky prospectors lounging in a goat-soapy hot tub smoking Cubans. I'm afraid I never graduated from pipe to cigar. I did pinch snuff for about three years in my teens, though, and even today, many, many years later, I still occasionally dream I have Copenhagen in my lip, and I've even woke up a time or two after spitting on my pillow. Am I the only one? This worries me a little, that I might spit in my sleep when the new wifeling is sharing my pillow, and appear uncouth, when in fact I am indeed a very couth fellow. I really must get a ring on her finger before she discovers I'm foibly human.
  5. Saul R W

    Friday Night Tunes

    Bob, I'll watch that last one later when the satellite cooperates.
  6. Saul R W

    Friday Night Tunes

    I went to an impromptu concert/jam session in a little cafe in Jerusalem last month. Except for me and the musicians, the place was packed with 20-somethings. The main attraction was a bluesy-folksy-rocky-folk musician who goes by the stage name Lazer Lloyd (his real name is Lazer Blumen). If my internet connection wasn't throwing fits tonight, I'd post a couple of his YouTube videos here. He's pretty darned good on the guitar.
  7. Saul R W

    Friday Night Tunes

    Backing up a few weeks, Tedeschi reminds me a bit of a bluesy Suzi Quatro, but with talent.
  8. Saul R W

    Anyone know what this is??

    That's what I was thinking. So, Ssams88, if your find streaks red or reddish brown, possibly hematite; if black, possibly magnetite. And Bob, leave all the colorful streaks alone.
  9. Saul R W

    Anyone know what this is??

    Geez, I'm having trouble coming up with a family friendly retort for that one, and it ain't often that I'm stumped. I meant the specimen. It reminds me a little of a black hematite, which I think is found in Maryland. So, if the streak is red (the specimen's, not yours), it could be hematite. Then again, I could be way off.
  10. Saul R W

    Anyone know what this is??

    We are all humbled by your humility, Bob. I'm wondering what color the streak?
  11. Saul R W

    Keene 151 Drywasher For Sale $900

    If it's still available, I'll take it.
  12. Saul R W

    Shalom, shalom, ladies and germs

    Some of us never grow up. One of these days I hope to at least act like a 20 year old.
  13. Saul R W

    Shalom, shalom, ladies and germs

    Yes, this isn't the first time. It will be my fourth remodeling. I'll ease her gently into me having a beard, an inch or two at a time. The pipe, I'll probably have to sneak a few puffs now and then, hiding behind the garage like a 10th grader.
  14. Saul R W


    Unless it hit one of those interstate power lines and slingshotted back the other direction. Such things can really happen. I eyewitnessed it on the Roadrunner cartoon.
  15. Saul R W

    Advise please

    Yes, panning is good. I'd also recommend scuba dive sniping, especially in the deeper arroyos. Jack H, in an earlier post I mentioned Adam and Boulderdash's YouTube videos, but I neglected to mention the name of their YouTube channel. It is We Break Our Glockenspiels. Rumor has it they suffered a difficult prospecting trip in the Alps some years ago.