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  1. Jack H

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    I've been looking for a club to join. Bill, can you or another admin post a link to more information. Excuse me for interrupting the thread. Wasn't sure where else to ask. Thank you.
  2. Jack H

    Gas Vac and new vortex separator

    Sounds like an awesome setup Bob. Got any pics?
  3. Jack H

    Gas Vac and new vortex separator

    I really like building things. Maybe I could have been an engineer if I'd stayed in school. One thing over the years that has been on my mind is what aussies call an "Opal Blower" I'd really love to reduce this down to a version that can sit above a drywasher. A leaf blower motor doesn't seem strong enough to power even a small version so for now I'll just consider my new daisy chain bucket good enough =)
  4. Great advice Doc. Cancer sucks. Both of my parents have succumb to it. Wasn't skin cancer, but cancer all the same. I like the big wide brim straw hats myself. I'll need to get better at wearing lotion on my arms. Thanks for the very serious reminder.
  5. Jack H

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Nice Job! Big Bear has always been a favorite place to hunt.
  6. I made the gas vac on the right several years back. I used a 4" abs pipe, standard toilet flange and a screw on lid. It works pretty well. Problem with running straight into the bucket below the motor is when it gets about half full it starts sucking rocks through the fan blades. So, I've been wanting to daisy chain buckets for a while. Wasn't real sure how to do it. Found this plastic Dust Stopper at Home Depot. Its plastic and I don't expect it to last long. It has given me a clear view at how to create one that's solid out of metal. For now I opened it up and added some sheet metal that's bonded in place as a strike plate where the material hits first. Its bonded with a polymer modified cement based rubber my company makes. Then I coated the whole inner surface with the same material. For now it should get to see a couple trips, I hope. As far as functionality and concept it seems to work excellent. I sucked up some sand and not a spec made it into the bucket with the blower on it.
  7. Jack H

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    Permits paid for and printed. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  8. Jack H

    Advise please

    Thanks, we’re planning on attending. Already blocked off the dates on my calendar. I ran my old chev 4x4 into the ground. In a moment of zero foresight I bought a 2 wheel gmc. Fresh after back surgery- the leather seats were just so comfortable. I’m regretting it now. Hopefully I can sell it to car max at blue book and find myself another 4x4 before the outing and other trips.
  9. Jack H

    Advise please

    I don't mind drywashing. Especially in good ground. I posted this pic when I first joined earlier this year. I'd dug down to bedrock which was about two feet of over burden. Ran all the material through my washer. Then metal detected. I picked three small nuggets out of the hard pack and grabbed all the small gold to boot. It was a 2.8 gram day. I wont complain about that. Also, my detector would have never scanned that deep... its a little guy- Tesoro Lobo. The 3 biggest pieces in the pic were detected.
  10. Jack H

    Advise please

    Thanks Tom. I appreciate the reply. I've got a lot to learn about AZ, but see its like most states. Different weather in different areas, and not entirely predictable.
  11. I found something I thought was a meteorite. The location was in an area with metamorphic limestone, basically white Carrera looking marble. No vesicles and had thumb prints and rust on its shell. cut open it was solid with small metal inclusions that under a loupe had halos of metal specs. I took it to a 30 year meteorite pro and he couldn't identify it, but said it was the best meteor-wrong he'd ever seen. Took it to another friend who's dad owns a gem mine in so cal and he told me it was basalt. I'll try to find it and post a pic.
  12. Jack H

    Advise please

    I used to drywash like an animal. I will still drywash, but have been detecting more. I had back surgery a couple years ago for a crushed disc. In California the desert is super dry in the winter. I suppose my big question came about because of all the rain we've had lately. Does it continue to rain through fall and winter here? Not new to prospecting, just new to AZ
  13. Jack H


    I've seen a few drop in my life. Could've sworn they landed a mile or two away. Only to find out on the news each time the landing zone was several hundred miles away. Same goes for the rocket launches out of Vandenberg. They appear to be over head, when in fact they were launched 1k miles away.
  14. Jack H

    Advise please

    I kinda figured that. Thanks for the reply though. I'm not sure about the amount of available water during winter is why I ask. I'm used to drywashing and detecting.
  15. Jack H

    Advise please

    My wife and I just moved to AZ. This will be our first season prospecting here as fall and winter settle in. Just wondering what the most popular method of prospecting is here in AZ. Be it drywashing- highbanking, dredging or metal detecting. I'm aware we all have preferences. Please do share and if you would - explain why. Much appreciated. Thank you.