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  1. I prefer the rust on the quartz. Its looks natural. A soak in diluted muriatic acid will clean it up and not effect the gold or the quartz. I refine chemically, I know we don't discuss that here, just a little background as to how I know.
  2. Nice find. I love your videos on youtube.
  3. Nice. Funny how morning reservation to move leads to success. Goes to show. Gold doesn't jump in your hands. Want shiny-get off your hiney. Great job.
  4. Hey Gang. Just wanted to follow up on this thread and let you all know I trust your advice. I considered the ATX but went with the buy I was working on with Dave. He goes by Spud here on the forums. His detector was in near new condition. The things he included in the deal could not be discerned as not being new. Brand new battery. Backpack, bladder, spring coil for the battery, sling, detector cover. I'm happy with my purchase. I now have two Minelab detectors. My wife and I will make a good team. I bought a GM 1000 for my wife recently. Its nice and light. I'll be packing the GP 3000. Thanks Dave. Great Deal sir.
  5. Congrats. That's gotta be 1/2 gram-ish? I already miss the Dale. Great place to prospect. Just moved to AZ. Was a member of FCM for years.
  6. My mother claims she had her tubes tied. Dad claims he had a vasectomy. At 6 months mom says I was a tumor. Apparently I swam passed all the goalies, the doctors, the knives and the stitches. Winning! lmao. 4th and last unplanned child. It was ALIENS lol. =) True story as I grew up being told ...how f-d up is that?
  7. I'd considered that it could be a glass insulator bracket for power lines. The searches didn't turn up much. Steps were the closest I could find.
  8. Did a little searching this afternoon. The bar looks closer to a power pole step than a dental float. The lines in the pic are threads. Its a round- threaded bolt about 10-12 inches long. The round head on it has a flat slot like a flat head screw.
  9. Thanks guys. I kinda figured the shoe was a mule shoe. Its a bit small to be a horse. Didn't know about the clip. Appreciate the help as always.
  10. After a little research I think I might just bite the bullet and buy a new Garett ATX. It looks pretty straight forward to use. Watching performance comparisons, coupled with the lower price I figure I might as well buy new.
  11. My wife and I went down the 177 to the Road runner claims today. Had a great time. Found some nice mineral specimens. Did some beeping. Found a small shoe and another steel piece I need help identifying. These were found within 10 feet of one another. Looks like a shoe was changed out and … something else. Does anyone recognize what the bar with the threaded end and ball is? Its about 10" long. Thank you
  12. I'm on the search for an affordable PI detector. I've noticed one on FB market place. The seller is possibly a member here. I don't want to give up too much info and possibly lose my chance at buying it. At the same time if it does sell before I can buy it I just wanted to throw it out there. I am currently looking. I'd like to keep the price around $1500 or less and get into a PI. I've seen better "prices" than the one I am currently looking at, but... the machine looks very clean and well kept. Also, the older machines do not come up regularly in searches. That said, if anyone else would like to make an offer - I'm all ears. Thank you.
  13. We should be easy to spot with this ranger. Please do hit us up if you see us. I have a 2 wheel pickup. I’ll try to find a spot to park and set up a toy hauler we are renting the shortest distance in - if any are left. Janelle and I scouted the San Domingo area on Sun. Looks like there’s a lot of spots, but many are attending. We’ll see when we pull in Friday mid day
  14. Put some canvas on top and got new rubber. The top will do for this trip. It’s just for shade this time. I’ll work on something better later on Being my first utv maybe some of you can take a look and give some pointers. See you at the outing
  15. My better half asked me tonight if I would take her out on Sunday and show her how to use the GM 1000 before the Nov 9 outing. I’m a very lucky guy. I’d be much luckier if I knew what Bill does. ;) Regardless I’m proud to see her interest. See y’all there.
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