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  1. Jack H

    First UTV - advice please

    We should be easy to spot with this ranger. Please do hit us up if you see us. I have a 2 wheel pickup. I’ll try to find a spot to park and set up a toy hauler we are renting the shortest distance in - if any are left. Janelle and I scouted the San Domingo area on Sun. Looks like there’s a lot of spots, but many are attending. We’ll see when we pull in Friday mid day
  2. Jack H

    First UTV - advice please

    Put some canvas on top and got new rubber. The top will do for this trip. It’s just for shade this time. I’ll work on something better later on Being my first utv maybe some of you can take a look and give some pointers. See you at the outing
  3. Jack H

    Good wife

    My better half asked me tonight if I would take her out on Sunday and show her how to use the GM 1000 before the Nov 9 outing. I’m a very lucky guy. I’d be much luckier if I knew what Bill does. ;) Regardless I’m proud to see her interest. See y’all there.
  4. Jack H

    First UTV - advice please

    This is his website. He does recovery as well. If you’re ever broke down in a bad place he’s got a narly 4x4 crawler that tows. http://www.southwestatv.com/
  5. Jack H


    Prayer going out Jerry. Hope you find a way to beat this. Best of luck sir.
  6. Jack H

    First UTV - advice please

    Took my last truck many places that to be honest scared me. Best 4x4 I’ve had was a Tacoma single cab. Big trucks don’t belong on some goat trails. Some days I ended up on them in the chev. Glad to have something small again. Pics are from the Dale district in CA. The Ranger should put my wife and I around just fine. Providing it doesn’t break =)
  7. Jack H

    First UTV - advice please

    For sure. Been working on all the details. Got my state trust permit. Finally registered my truck. Got AZ plates. Joined RRPC. Computers were down statewide at the title and registration places today. Still gotta get back and do my driver license and register my ranger. Moving from state to state is a lot of work. Can’t wait to camp and unwind. We need to relax. Nothing but work since Feb.
  8. Jack H

    First UTV - advice please

    I picked it up for $3,800 today. I looked at his list of repairs. He’s a professional utv mechanic who bought it from a customer. We went over the vehicle. He showed me all he fixed, and was honest about its flaws. I was comfortable with it and brought it home after test driving. Again, I don’t need a sand rail. Just wanted something to get me around “most” desert terrain I’d rather not take my truck. Been down those washes before. I do appreciate the comments and feedback though.
  9. I’m gonna go take a look at this in the morning. Just need something to put around in. Don’t need a hot rod sand rail. Ad says the top end is rebuilt. No leaks. I can deal with a torn seat. Looks to be be rebuilt by a professional mechanic. Might just grab it. Price is decent compared to new machines. Anyone that would like to weigh in - I’d appreciate your comments https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/226059351141714/
  10. Jack H

    Huge Nugget--Live Dig

    Wow! That’s an impressive find.
  11. Jack H

    Good Music

  12. Jack H

    Good Music

    Just an observation. Maybe a half wit confession. Any other heads here?
  13. Jack H

    Vlf power

    I made a video for some friends I have on Facebook. Just an air depth comparison demo. Monster vs Lobo. Bill told me I’d probably be buying a second one before end of the year. I believe he could be right. 1/2” on the Lobo sensitivity 10 no discrimination Monster set to auto 1 . Monster 3-4” 2BC54EFD-B3A4-404D-ACC0-B84491C33E81.MOV
  14. Jack H

    Vlf power

    I bought a gold monster from bill today. I have a Tesoro Lobo and I know how to use it. 5.5 coil. My wife will be swinging the GM and I might just find myself asking her for permission to use it after she’s got her share of nuggets =)
  15. Jack H

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    I've been looking for a club to join. Bill, can you or another admin post a link to more information. Excuse me for interrupting the thread. Wasn't sure where else to ask. Thank you.