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  1. Has anyone ever used a GM1000 down at the beach? Not much into metal detecting the beach area, but since we are on lockdown looking for things to do. I only have a GM1000, and unwilling to purchase an Equinox right now. Curious if anyone else has used the GM1000 at the beach? If so, which coil and settings would be fantastic. Thank you, Craig
  2. Went out to Randsburg yesterday with another forum member. Was out all day, hit three different locations scouting and detecting. We did NOT see another person out prospecting. Seems like a pretty safe place to be, and had a lot of fun to boot.
  3. Thank you everyone for the response. I guess I didn’t fully think this thru. Was just wanting to get out of the house, and take advantage of the time off. oh well - I guess I will suffer thru it down at the beach.
  4. Due to the Covid 19 situation I have been told not to go to work for the next couple of weeks. Thinking about loading the RV up with the wife and kids, and travel around to different nugget shooting locations across the south west (CA, NV, AZ). Don't worry we will be practicing our social distancing out in the desert somewhere. Does anyone have suggestions of locations that we could drive an RV to that has metal detecting? Currently club memberships are AMRA, GPAA, West End Prospectors, So Cal Prospectors, and OC 49ers. Willing to join new clubs if needed. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. Craig T
  5. Heading out to Barstow this weekend for a outing. Still available? If so will swing by and pay cash. Thanks, Craig
  6. Great Prospecting Video! Couple Notes - 1) The wall to wall stock music takes away from what you are doing. Either mix it lower or fade in and out as you see fit. During the 8 minutes it kept grabbing my attention, and not in a good way. 2) More ON Camera interaction will help you stay connected with the audience better. Bill does a good job at this. 3) Small compact Tri-Pod could help out a bit while digging the targets. With that said.....It is easy to say "Lets Make A Video", but to actually follow thru with camera work, sound, editing, and then posting.....It's a lot of work. GREAT JOB! Look forward to more in the future.
  7. Very cool video! Great finds.
  8. Spent half the day on the AMRA claim and the other Half at the SoCal Pospectors claim. I had a good time, but no gold. Maybe Next Time!
  9. Joined "The Prospectors Club of Southern California". Heading out to Randsburg tomorrow to get some practice time in, and hopefully that elusive first nugget. Will report back on Monday. Thanks for all the great advice.
  10. Mitchel, Thank you for the link. Looks like a great club.
  11. Thank you for the encouragement Bill. I been studying your YouTube videos. Office Time Practice. Really appreciating you taking the time to post them. Super helpful!
  12. New to Nugget Shooting, and gone out a hand full of times with my Gold Monster. At this time I have only been successful in finding lead and trash. I am currently a member of GPAA and AMRA, but still having trouble finding a club with active Metal Detecting members. Any advices on clubs in SoCal that concentrate on Nugget Shooting? Appreciate your time and advice.Craig Last weekend's Lead Nuggets pictured below.
  13. Thank you everyone. Amazing folks around here. Look forward to getting started in prospecting. Also so any spots in So Cal would be fantastic. Thanks again. Craig
  14. Hello everyone....My name is Craig. Got into prospecting about a month ago, and it is a great new hobby for me and my family. I have joined GPAA, and started hanging out with the San Fernando chapter. My first outing (this weekend) was cancelled due to the rain, but looking forward to the next one. I am in the market for the Minelab Equinox 800, so I guess I will be waiting awhile. Glad to find this group and look forward to learning a new skill set. Thanks, Craig
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