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  1. Very nice looking nugget, congrats sir!
  2. You and your dad do a great job, keep it up and thanks for taking the time to do them.
  3. Finally was able to get back out, due to work and family it has been a few weeks. It has rained at this spot a couple times since my last trip so I worked an area that Amarok and I had been over multiple times thinking the added moisture in the soil might make a difference. It appears that was the case, ended up with a dozen pieces the biggest being only 1.1 grains. The picker was 5" deep, the Gold Monster just keeps impressing me!
  4. Excellent job, congrats to both of you!
  5. Great job, congrats sir!
  6. I feel your pain MGP, I got about the same amount of trash as you did but no gold for me Saturday!
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