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  1. AllenJ

    Hard Lesson Learned For A Little Nugget

    Awesome nugget, congrats sir. Due to the circumstances I bet it'll hold a "special" place in your heart for a long time!
  2. AllenJ

    First nugget!

    Congrats on your first nugget, and a neat looking one to boot. It was not that long ago I found my first and I still remember how excited I was even though I was alone. Get back up there as soon as you can or it'll eat away at you like it has and is eating away at me!
  3. AllenJ

    New Year's snow day

    Congrats on both being able to get out and being successful.
  4. Sorry to hear about your health problems, hope you are successful in 2019 of not going to the hospital. Congrats on leasing your claims, that sounds exciting and prosperous! Nice gold too. I wonder how small a nugget that helicopter can see lol.
  5. Really nice looking nugget sir, congrats.
  6. AllenJ

    Last nuggets from 2018

    Congrats on a successful trip.
  7. AllenJ

    Golden Day With The Kids

    A day with the kids and gold, does it get any better? Congrats sir
  8. AllenJ

    My Patent was finally published...

    Congrats sir, that looks like an awful lot of work! I saw a video about a machine like that a while back, a very interesting concept. Don't remember who did the video.
  9. Welcome. Tons of great information on this forum thanks to some really knowledgeable and helpful people. Look forward to hearing about your trips to AZ.
  10. AllenJ

    Pulse Induction

    My son's first trip out with our GPX5000, his last target was a piece of old can about the size of your thumbnail. We dug over 20" down to get it. The PI machine I was using could not see that target at that depth, the GPX though hit on it consistently. That one hole is the reason I now own a Bunk's pick lol. Maybe the area you were hunting had shallow bedrock/false bedrock?
  11. AllenJ

    Best day ever !!

    Awesome day, congrats sir.
  12. AllenJ

    Got a specimen

    That is a really nice specimen, congrats sir. Just my opinion but I'd leave it as is, maybe let it soak in water to help clean it up but I would not do anything more than that.
  13. AllenJ

    Hello from Reno, Nv

    Hello and welcome Unclestumpy!
  14. AllenJ

    When Skunk Isn't A Skunk

    Well done, congrats sir.
  15. AllenJ

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    Awesome job, congrats sir. Really nice looking stuff.