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  1. Congratulations sir to you and your wife on your 50th anniversary.
  2. Well done sir, congrats on a successful outing.
  3. Great story and awesome gold sir, thank you for sharing.
  4. The Monster is an amazing machine, congrats sir!
  5. Well done sir, congrats!
  6. Awesome jobs guys, congrats!!!
  7. They say the first one is always the hardest and I found that to be true. It took me until the end of my first season to find a nugget with a metal detector. My second season I found a lot with the detector but nothing even close to the size of yours sir, in fact I'm still looking to break into the 1 gram club let alone the 10 gram!
  8. Very nice chuck sir, congrats!
  9. That's a great Birthday, congrats sir.
  10. Awesome gentlemen, congrats.
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