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  1. Hello All, I have three mineral specimens that I simply don't know how to price. They are quite rare, so there is not much about on them online---none for sale anywhere and no record of sales or pricing. They are as follows: (1) A very pretty aragonite specimen from the Northern Lights Mine, Mineral County, Nevada (small cabinet size); (2) A dogtooth calcite specimen with marcasite from Brushy Creek, Reynolds County, Missouri (small cabinet size); and (3) A Mangyschlak quartz cluster, near Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan (large miniature size) I did find one Mangyschlak quartz cluster, very large cabinet size, advertised at $3,000, but nothing in the size category of my specimens. I am hoping some of you are experts in the mineral specimen field can give me a good idea of what these three may be worth. They are specimens from the estate of a friend who had collected them over a period of 70 years. Here are their pictures
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