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  1. Hey everybody. Glad to be a part of this community. A little about me, I got into prospecting about a year and a half ago. That lead to getting a gold detector, and when I couldn' make the 3 hour drive north, I got into metal detecting for coins. I have 2 whites XLT's, a Fisher GB2, Whites GMZ and GM2, and a ML GM 1000 (that I will be posting for trade as soon as I become eligible). I guess i didn't get realize that Georgia wasn' exactly the best place to get into gold detecting, so I'm looking for an upgrade for coins/relics and taking advantage of the XLT in the mean time :). Best finds are a 1903 Barber Quarter, a handful of mercury dimes, a 1950 quarter, and a couple melted silver coin caches from Georgia's many wild fires. Hopefully I can add to the list in the near future. I go metal detecting just about every day, so if anybody reading this is from central Georgia or central alabama (I live right on the border) and wants to link up sometime, give me a shout! Thanks for reading and hope I can learn new stuff and contribute any of my knowledge to the group. Happy diggings.
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