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  1. Beautiful nuggets! I’d love to have a gram day. Nice work
  2. Nice find Brownnugget. If I were you I’d invite your friend cowbell79 to help you be certain you didn’t miss any nuggets 😁.
  3. Unfortunately I’m about 300 miles from you I believe. Very nice offer and if I’m out that way I’ll certainly let you know.
  4. Took the SDC 2300 out for a day trip on a nugget patch that supposedly already gave up its bounty. Found these little pickers hiding in the desert pavement. My dad was using his new Gold Monster on the same patch and has been skunked several times now...any advice on getting the GM tuned up? He was very successful with his Tesoro, but we can’t seem to dial in the monster yet. Cheers!
  5. Great forum! Thanks for all the experience and knowledge...I have soooo much to learn. 🤓
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