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  1. Howdy there Homefire, I’m in the Ruidoso area. Any good nugget bearing areas you would recommend? I’d like to meet up with someone who could give some pointers. Reading the forums are informative but for someone who has never swung a detector before, after the thinking stage and the reality of my ignorance about the subject, it appears daunting as to where to start!
  2. Thanks Au Seeker...gonna give it my best shot and then some!!
  3. Thanks for the welcome, everyone...I look forward to learning from the posts and getting out there and getting exercise, fresh air, and - who knows - might even trip over a boulder of gold lookin’ for a pinhead!
  4. Howdy everyone! I’m a newbie on the forum. In wanting to learn nugget-shooting, and in deciding on the best detector for myself. I am a psychotherapist in New Mexico and looking into following a childhood dream of actually looking for and finding...gold. I want to start a collection of gold nuggets beginning in New Mexico (to get my feet wet and hopefully learn from a pro), then the surrounding, nugget-bearing placer sites. Since I am desiring to work the Southwestern states, any suggestions on the above would be greatly appreciated. My brother and I (opposite ends of the state) want
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