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  1. I will be in Yuma az for about 5 more days then heading back east.
  2. Only had it around 1 .5 months ,used it 5 hours total.asking 700 cash .No price drops.
  3. Bill ,Thanks for getting me intouch with Mike!he's a great instructor.
  4. I need a hands on instructor to teach me How to generly show me how to operate my gp3500,we are currently at Stanton Ldma Camp near congress but on the 5 or 6 of March we are going back to quarzite. If you are near and can throw away a hour or 2 holler.im willing to drive 50 miles or so if I need to.
  5. I have done a good bit f prospecting in the piedmont area of Al.all around lake Martin area .I've never found more than flakes thou I have heard of peope doing well.back in the early to mid 1900s they had mines .
  6. I' new here and just wanted to introduce myself.im Tim wilson ,born and raised in south central Alabama.i live near pensacola fl.with my wife lizz.i started panning for gold when I was 12 years old.we love prospecting and metal detecting ,camping in a tent or travel trailer.we are currently in Stanton Az.at the Ldma Camp. From here we will be heading toward quarzite for more fun on the sun.
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