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  1. As said again and again.... a day out is a great thing gold is a plus. But spotting a tortoise is the wild is a way cool thing, I've seen alot of wildlife but only one tortoise when i was a child. Good job Tom!
  2. I have the pf 35. I use it . But rarely. It will speed up recovery, but only when your pin pointer can see . Some detectors are so "good" that it will see what a pin pointer wont (tiny gold). If you think you might be digging relics also it would be wise to keep it.
  3. Yes, just the factory ones though.
  4. Some good Saturday morning humor!!
  5. Money comes and goes (dont break yourself). I have always held a gpaa membership. Meeting other people that are like minded will be the major benefit of joining a club.
  6. In Az summer time is night hunting time! Edit: this is dangerous but it will allow focus to a very small area. When the sun is out you can see everything which might make one wonder around. Night time you can only see whats in front of you so it allows for a more focused dig. I have found lots of gold when i "snipe" this way.
  7. Always nice to see a thank you post...
  8. I didn't even think of a PI detector until down the road. Just remember to invest wisely. Dont spend more than you have to. Also, most people keep their vlf machines when they bump up to a PI. For me , I got the gold bug 2 for myself, the gm1000 came shortly after. Sdc2300 around 1 year later.
  9. Hot darn!!! Great job Luke!!
  10. RIP sad to hear. I know he will live on in the words he wrote, the stories he told, and the wisdom he shared.
  11. WTG!!! Good score on the bottle too!! Glad you were able to get out, i bet that idler arm is a pain in butt by now.
  12. Tammy, Holly says great job! She is very impressed with your abilities! I am also equally impressed by the gold you have detected!!
  13. I found a nugget in a spot showed to me by someone I look up to. Long story short the agreement was to name the first nugget after him IF i found one. So i am introducing "Golden Tom Jr. Jr." .16 grams Found with sdc2300 Setting Sensitivity = 4
  14. Finding something like that and being able to recognize it is very cool!!
  15. These are my friend Adams photos from today. Yes... a wagon as a trailer..... with an ATV on it. Needless to say it was a poor choice of transportation for the ATV. I just became more interested in finding a way out of the city!
  16. I had been there when it was literally lined with people panning, like a modern day gold rush...I could see it was popular and i strayed away. I can also see a trend going in the area thats has been for many years that i knew would put an end to prospecting in general. Its not just at Rose creek... it's all around and growing.
  17. I'm reluctantly selling my gold monster 1000 with docs carbon fiber shaft set. Included is the original shaft. I would not sell it if i didn't have to. It works great, but it has a scratch on the screen. $600 OBO . Thanks, Scott
  18. Congatulations!! Toyota is definitely hard to beat. I have had two jeep wranglers. While they go anywhere, toyota will get you back and forth many times over. I drive a 2001 trd Tacoma now and I am very happy with brand, also very impressed by the rear lockers ability.
  19. Great job delivering that baby! The labor took eons of time to produce that special boy! Congrats!!
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