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  1. The Easter bunny was good to you this year!
  2. Dang. Sad news.. My prayers are offered. I hope he is back up and cruising around soon enough.
  3. Its that time of the year!!
  4. It was a great day, very little water but still a fabulous day. Dont forget about the swarm of bees!
  5. I also have heard this. I always examine bullet casings for this reason. I have heard tales that a miner only stored his finds in casings and buried them for safety. Upon his departure he was "missing a few" it is unlikely that he buried everything together. This is a word of mouth tale told to me by someone close. Im unsure of the exact location. In any event finding bullet casings made into a container is interesting.
  6. Awesomeness just happened! Keep it up!!
  7. I enjoy this thread but it makes me uneasy knowing "they are out there"..... still.
  8. Awesome video. Sorry to hear that he passed. On a plus side he saw what was in "the hole". RIP.
  9. Those are very cool looking! I would love a cluster!
  10. The only way to be certain is test for yourself. What other find can be an indication but its not really "talked" about. Also what others find isnt always the only thing there . Feet must hit the ground... happy hunting!!
  11. The hunt is the fun!! I have it but my reading really lacks because every time i open the book my 4 year old daughter has something going thats more important... you know. Ponies and such.
  12. Big money being spent and lost today...
  13. I bet that was a scary ride. I hope everyone is alright.
  14. Nice flow, Good gold. What more can one ask for??
  15. Happy birthday Tom! 103 years old!! Wow ...the things you must have seen change over time....
  16. https://www.coiltek.com.au/coils/gold-extreme/ Thoughts? Has anyone priced them out?
  17. It was a show and tell project from when he was in grade school. None were made for sale, I ended up with this in my office but it still belongs to Adam.
  18. This is a scorpion that my friend Adam gold plated a few years back. The business is since closed. A reminder of good times seeing gold flow out the door by the pounds....
  19. Great times! Thanks for the invite Tom! Luke is the man for giving me some much needed pointers... I would not have gotten gold without him literally telling me "thats a target"...
  20. You will also have to get the patch... the hat does nothing without the patch... dang said too much..
  21. In my opinion cutting the shaft would make it hard to send back to minelab in the event of a malfunction or failure. If you bought your monster new you would have gotten an adapter that fits on a pole or stick or whatever you can put it on in the event that you just need something to use as a shaft. I spent the $ on docs shaft so i can adust between my wife and my height likings. Yes .... shaft in the arm pit sucks.
  22. Of the information to know, humanity knows a fraction. Of the information at the time in question, humanity know 110%.
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