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  1. Big money being spent and lost today...
  2. I bet that was a scary ride. I hope everyone is alright.
  3. Nice flow, Good gold. What more can one ask for??
  4. Happy birthday Tom! 103 years old!! Wow ...the things you must have seen change over time....
  5. https://www.coiltek.com.au/coils/gold-extreme/ Thoughts? Has anyone priced them out?
  6. It was a show and tell project from when he was in grade school. None were made for sale, I ended up with this in my office but it still belongs to Adam.
  7. This is a scorpion that my friend Adam gold plated a few years back. The business is since closed. A reminder of good times seeing gold flow out the door by the pounds....
  8. Great times! Thanks for the invite Tom! Luke is the man for giving me some much needed pointers... I would not have gotten gold without him literally telling me "thats a target"...
  9. You will also have to get the patch... the hat does nothing without the patch... dang said too much..
  10. In my opinion cutting the shaft would make it hard to send back to minelab in the event of a malfunction or failure. If you bought your monster new you would have gotten an adapter that fits on a pole or stick or whatever you can put it on in the event that you just need something to use as a shaft. I spent the $ on docs shaft so i can adust between my wife and my height likings. Yes .... shaft in the arm pit sucks.
  11. Of the information to know, humanity knows a fraction. Of the information at the time in question, humanity know 110%.
  12. Do a Doc's carbon shaft set for it? ... it make life much much easier without comprising the factory shaft incase you have warranty issues ever. I would just use the supplied adapter and use a broom stick cut to the desired length if it was me on a budget.
  13. Magnetic nugget... this was the first "score" I found. I was bored and decided for some reason to test my nuggets with a magnet. Call me inquisitive but metals fascinate me beyond words so im always doing something weird. 20190221_165411.mp4
  14. I was routing around in some of my parents stuff (parents are deceased) and i found a vial that contained "gold". I remember my parents, my sister and i panned for this "gold" when i was 7 or 8. It was certainly shiny and had a little color. I laughed as i examined it and realized we didnt get any gold. Well anyway i think im making them both proud be keeping at it and actually finding what i now know IS gold. Good memories.... my parents are thanked everytime I see the color in my pan, box or hand.
  15. You would be shocked that it came from enough material to fill two or three 5 gallon buckets. Also got a questionable specimen that i need to figure out.
  16. 1.2 grams. I forgot to mention that part. The total from this particular place is around 1.75 grams. On the amount of gold vs. Material moved ..i am happy!
  17. Went out last weekend and did some panning and a little dredging. Water was flowing decent for a bit but it didn't last long. Here are the spoils. This does not include the previous weekends gold.
  18. Not compared to Adam and your haul... but i was jumping around pretty hard because i put a 3 month old skunk to sleep. What a great feeling it is....
  19. I went out to a spot i have been eyeballing for a while. I found out the ground is hot, almost too hot. I have a mind to just fart around and go from bench to belly to bench. I only had the gold bug 2 and a screwdriver. Here is the result. 0.3 grammer. Tom, you need to get out here.
  20. Original image enlarged. I didnt see this until i looked closer. Great find. No doubt that the specimen has gold.
  21. I watched it, it was a strange one to my taste but I still enjoyed it.
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