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  1. I was routing around in some of my parents stuff (parents are deceased) and i found a vial that contained "gold". I remember my parents, my sister and i panned for this "gold" when i was 7 or 8. It was certainly shiny and had a little color. I laughed as i examined it and realized we didnt get any gold. Well anyway i think im making them both proud be keeping at it and actually finding what i now know IS gold. Good memories.... my parents are thanked everytime I see the color in my pan, box or hand.
  2. Knifemaker84

    Some gold

    You would be shocked that it came from enough material to fill two or three 5 gallon buckets. Also got a questionable specimen that i need to figure out.
  3. Knifemaker84

    Some gold

    1.2 grams. I forgot to mention that part. The total from this particular place is around 1.75 grams. On the amount of gold vs. Material moved ..i am happy!
  4. Knifemaker84

    Some gold

    Went out last weekend and did some panning and a little dredging. Water was flowing decent for a bit but it didn't last long. Here are the spoils. This does not include the previous weekends gold.
  5. Knifemaker84

    Good day for screwing around

    Not compared to Adam and your haul... but i was jumping around pretty hard because i put a 3 month old skunk to sleep. What a great feeling it is....
  6. I went out to a spot i have been eyeballing for a while. I found out the ground is hot, almost too hot. I have a mind to just fart around and go from bench to belly to bench. I only had the gold bug 2 and a screwdriver. Here is the result. 0.3 grammer. Tom, you need to get out here.
  7. Knifemaker84

    Could this be a 20K find?

    Original image enlarged. I didnt see this until i looked closer. Great find. No doubt that the specimen has gold.
  8. Knifemaker84

    Macros for TomH

  9. I watched it, it was a strange one to my taste but I still enjoyed it.
  10. Knifemaker84

    First GM1000 Nugget -- A Nice One

    Adding to the amazing stories that will be talked about for times to come!
  11. Knifemaker84

    Lead or Graphite?

    Galena from Missouri? I have several specimens that look identical. Galena is a lead sulfide. That is why it is heavy like lead. The third an forth image is questionable but it tests as galena from an advanced spectrometer.
  12. Knifemaker84

    reostat on pump

    Yes and no. Some motors and controllers are specially configured for brushless operations. Again rc car stuff that i figured out long ago. Brushless motors operate more efficiently than brushed motors when it comes to rpm, but low end torque will suffer. One way that i made a huge impact on my recirculating cleanup is to make sure that i have as much slope on my hose coming out of the water as possible, vertical head will cause unnecessary voltage pull. Picture the water like a 1000 ball. Rolling it up a 45 degree hill is much easier than a 70-90 degree hill. The steeper the slope the more battery you will burn!
  13. Knifemaker84

    reostat on pump

    Yes, by adjusting the voltage you can control the water flow. I have my clean out sluice hooked directly to an old school 12v battery charger the has a 6v switch. I can operate the sluice on 12v when processing and switch to 6v to wash my material into a bucket without having a hose or extra water running violently. Vfd is usually the term used in my world, it stands for variable-frequency-drive. You must use components for dc voltage. Also you can add a solar charger to the system which will extend runtime by a bit. But i understand that this will add complexity to the setup. I added a photo of my DC drive belt grinder which has nothing to do with this except for the fact that dc voltage can be controlled rather easy. Also even though rc cars are a far cry.... they also use variable (digital) dc drivers know as speed controls.
  14. Knifemaker84

    Gm1000- headphones

    Another option is to jump 1 and 3 with a very thin copper wire.
  15. I had seen Bills post about the new prototype grey ghost headphones and I know plenty of us (including myself) have had to buy or make adapters to be able to use aftermarket headphones. This also adds more connections to worry about. My little brain got to work this morning. I have the nugget buster NDT. This gives me options when switching out from the gb2. Anyway I figured i would bridge the poles in my connection instead of bridging poles in the adapter. Now i have NO adapter and everything works perfectly! The connection snugs up and clicks in as normal. Not the best looking wire job but it got it done and you cant see it from the outside.the old adapter that i made up is at the bottom.