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  1. I had seen Bills post about the new prototype grey ghost headphones and I know plenty of us (including myself) have had to buy or make adapters to be able to use aftermarket headphones. This also adds more connections to worry about. My little brain got to work this morning. I have the nugget buster NDT. This gives me options when switching out from the gb2. Anyway I figured i would bridge the poles in my connection instead of bridging poles in the adapter. Now i have NO adapter and everything works perfectly! The connection snugs up and clicks in as normal. Not the best looking wire job but it got it done and you cant see it from the outside.the old adapter that i made up is at the bottom.
  2. Knifemaker84

    Cool find

    I found this while out with the family near where the last outting was held. It was a couple weeks ago but I figured that I would post it anyway. Any info would be nice, from what I gather it is tourmaline in quartz. Not sure though.
  3. Knifemaker84

    Lost Gold on Travel Channel

    I remember that show.... alot of unnecessary problems that were drawn out to entertain the viewer. I dont disagree with exploring newly exposed ground that is normally frozen and under sheets of ice but distractions were a plaque for the torn crew. No common focus, everyone has their own agenda = no progress.
  4. Knifemaker84

    Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Happy birthday!! Wow 4 years old.... !
  5. Knifemaker84

    gold refining

    Hokes books are pretty outdated but they are free for download... they are good for process and recovery but have a adherent link to refining. IMO it will get you further then standard refining processes. Knowing how to clean and seperate material for refining is a huge plus. Some books offer information that is better or more in depth than others. Safety is the most important part of the journey! It is NOT to be taken lightly. If the youtube videos are being watched try "sreetips". He has a good reputation. He also offers a multitude of videos that relate. Raw materials are not created equal... we have to manipulate them to be as equal as we can.
  6. Knifemaker84

    Lost Gold on Travel Channel

    I cant wait to see how goofy this one will be... not anything against the boys but these shows seems stress everything to make it seem interesting. I realize from my own experience that you can roll footage for 12 hours a day and only have maybe 3 minutes total of excitement. Im still going to watch.
  7. Knifemaker84


    Now you will be the one spinning donuts during the next outting at midnight ....
  8. Knifemaker84


    Now that is awesome!! Great job on getting it done from a glimmer of a thought!
  9. Knifemaker84

    What to do....

    Terry, It was very nice to meet you as well! I look forward to meeting again in the future. I will give Bill a call and see if he will be on the lookout, i think i have settled on the 2300 just because it is a nice collapsible machine that will hold it value nicely in case i want to sell or upgrade in the future.
  10. Knifemaker84

    What to do....

    Gold nugget hunting is my main plan. Maybe when i talk my daughter to the park i will hunt the sandbox or wood chips, but that will be rare (i usually play on the equipment)
  11. I want to enter into the pi territory. Im having to do some deciding on what detector to buy. Im pretty much limited to a second hand machine. I currently own the gm1000 and the gb2 . Both are vlf machines. My question is, what would you as a newbie go with? I know that i like minelab so i will be focusing on that brand. I was thinking gpx5000 or sdc2300 but i want to hear from the people that use them. Remember i am a newbie, however i learn fast and im a very good reader when it comes to learning. Cheers!
  12. Knifemaker84

    Four Prop Drive

    And the family of the first person to fall into thd blades will file a lawsuit.....
  13. Knifemaker84

    Went To The Outing? Post Your Pictures Here!!

    That is awesome! Glad to meet you guys and hope to hunt with the Tucson boys again.
  14. Knifemaker84

    NO WORDS! From across the World........

    Alien crash landing eons agos.... That is some very cool stuff!!! I would love to know more about these pieces.