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  1. Free magazines. First come first served. Thank you.
  2. I remember laying in my tent that night thinking.... I hope I dont get struck by lightning.....
  3. Thank you!!! Very much appreciated! I took today and tomorrow off work to relax. My daughter's birthday is tomorrow so my celebration is short lived.... but all the better! I am really missing you fellas and waiting to get out!
  4. We use the Amazon tv stuff instead of cable tv and I found a very good informative show series that highlights desert mining in the early days. Mostly California and Nevada but it is certainly interesting!
  5. You obviously have a very good idea about kids... I remember my parents take my sister and out to a spot that they found and spending great days playing in the water and having a good old time. Unfortunately they never panned gold out... only pirites. But it got me on track to do something more than sit a home. I took all of my finds and stories straight to my parents, i guess to thank them. They are passed away now so it resonants to pass it down..... and maybe she will be better than me some day.
  6. Luke got his post birthday nuggets! Great job guys! Glad to hear dad is getting out on the hunt. Good times, good gold.
  7. It did. Really deep in some areas that choke up. Some areas are more cleared off and some areas filled in.
  8. Luke! Happy Birthday buddy! To many more
  9. Great photo! Im sure its even better memories. Thank you for sharing!
  10. Holly, Lily and I headed out yesterday about Noon for a quick trip to pan some dirt. I took the Sdc2300 with so i could check some spots that I had worked over the last season. Well....Holly took the detector and started digging targets. Wire.... bullet... wire. Her attitude was still upbeat even though it was just trash. I told her to head for the bedrock and stay shallow. She did just that. She found, dug and recovered a nice little nugget! A side note: I was walking about two feet from the truck when I spotted this. Eyeball detecting on the fly. I guess its considered a sunbaker but it was under about 1/4" of water so i dont know if it technically qualifies.
  11. That was a big mistake. Someone got written up probably....
  12. Im pretty certain on a rivet. The sizing is correct. Here are a couple of photos comparing my current levis that im wearing today.
  13. I figured that part out a few minutes ago ... im still working on a date. Hard to find info on particulars.
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