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  1. Knifemaker84

    Gold Monster stand

    My idea differs from the standard bipod a little , i will be using carbon fiber rod with machined aluminum hinge thingy. Its not thought out completely but in time i will post the project..... i like to tinker..
  2. Knifemaker84

    Gold Monster stand

    Ha! I have been pondering this issue latley. I was thinking a foldable bipod type setup. I like your idea
  3. Knifemaker84

    Gold is Gold,..."Right???"

    Gold is indeed gold! Great perseverance on the weather!
  4. Knifemaker84

    Equinox gold

    Very nice find!!
  5. Knifemaker84

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    Much appreciated! I got alot of rain and wind the first time that I used it at 2-Toms beat the heat retreat and it held up well. Im going to get something better eventually but for now it makes due just good enough to be there. Edit: permit in hand!!
  6. Knifemaker84

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    Pretty sure ill be there. Ill be tent camping
  7. The Pedialyte trick really works well, i used to do that when i was framing houses in the summer. If you pre-hydrate this way the day before, it will work better than the day of. Nice find by the way!!
  8. Knifemaker84

    A couple of Oregon nuggets

    Very nice! I bet the weather is sweet compared to Az.
  9. Knifemaker84

    I found my biggest one today!

    Awesome find.... I can honestly say yours is bigger than mine! Goes to show that dry spells can be ended. Gives me hope. Good job!!! Scott
  10. Knifemaker84

    Beat the heat retreat

    The other other Adam found this in a pretty obscure spot.... he said "wtf is a sewer doing out here". it turned out to be a 10lb weight.
  11. Knifemaker84

    Beat the heat retreat

    I had a great time! I appreciate the invite Tom, I hope to enjoy many more get togethers and camp outs. Got wet ,got sick ,got chigger bites, no gold.... still had the time of my life. Goes to show how good these fine folks are.
  12. Knifemaker84

    Which detector?

    I own both. Never will i sell the bug. I feel people are down playing a good detector that has more to offer than is talked about. The monster can't be hip mounted. The monsters "shaft" is longer than i need it, Nice armpit scatcher though. Again, i own both. And both are used weekly. I wont side with either machine. They both have their own place imo. On the plus side of the monster is: Easy to use Small break down size Two coils included Light weight High sensitivity to small gold "Sliding" adjustment for height/length Plus side of Gold bug 2: Manual ground balance (good or bad depending on skill) 1/4 audio plug ( most have had issues adapting their favorite headphones to the monster) Threshold adjustment Long coil cable. Multiple height adjusments I may be missing stuff, please add it if you think of it.
  13. Knifemaker84

    Bug 2 or gold monster

    I have both, i will never sell the gb2
  14. Knifemaker84


    This is from 1 month ago. Wifey and my "mini" honeymoon. My first detector gold. Second photo is my wife digging at night, she is a keeper. Third photo is up close, penguin?
  15. Knifemaker84

    Hello from Az

    Hi there, i just ran across this forum. Great content! I hope to post some gold photos soon!!