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  1. Hi to everyone, I'm not sure if I introduced myself previously. Just getting back from nowhere. Anyway, retired, 62 yr old male, veteran, fulltiming in my rv with my dog mikey. Although I'm looking for a few acres to buy where I could plant this rv and call it home base. I'm starting to get tired of driving around in circles. A few yrs back I decided to put on my last hat. Prospecter/ rockhound. Hasn't really took off yet. Doing research, bought some equipment, metal detectors, joined some clubs. Right now I'm in the Rye Patch NV area for a month. Trying out my GM 1000 and looking at land for
  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for your reply. I wont be able to make the March outing. I'm in Oregon visiting my daughter and my new grandson. (1st one) I hope I can catch a rain check for any future get togethers. Arizona sounds welcoming right now with the cold front happening here in OR. Next on my adjenda is to continue looking for a property to make a home base for me and my dog. Any thoughts or ideas towards this would be greatly appreciated also. Good luck and good health to you. Respectfully, Stephen
  3. Hello to everyone. My name is Stephen and look forward to being a part of your forums. My hats that I wear; recently retired, electronics, and strong mechanical background, DIY and Prepper/survivalist attitude, along with father of 3 adult children. I travel the western states in my motorhome with my dog Mikey. I have had a passion for geology, rock hounding, and now gold and other valuable mineral prospecting. This is my new hat in retirement years. This is a new fulltime venture for me and have little experience or truthful knowledge. What I do have is a strong mind and body and the will to
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