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  1. Nice Rocky! But unfortunately i am going to have to confiscate it from you and add it to my own collection under rule section 7-3 Alpha 😂 that would look really good polished up on one of its faces i think. -cheers man
  2. I think the images look good. But I cant tell. Did you find anything in there? Also are you planning to post more photos for this project?
  3. I am patient while searching and I could search days on end no problem. I also know I am likely to find nothing for a long time. When I said I am impatient I meant I am impatient about having to wait until summer to do it. I just want to get out there right now and do it because I am excited. This fall i took a week off work and sat out in the bush all day waiting for deer in -30 Celsius for a week straight and came up with nothing until the following week. I have the pacience for meteorite hunting. that 100 grammar would be awesome! Do you have pics?
  4. Awesome experiment Rocky! I like the way you sorted them. I can't wait to see the slides when they are ready. Hope you get some interesting finds. -Cheers bud
  5. pRoDiEuS


    Is that how it came out if the ground or did you break it open? Cool find
  6. pRoDiEuS


    I was thinking the light colored one was my best chance as well. Do you guys have any tips on finding geodes?
  7. pRoDiEuS


    I want to say first off that if i am posting too much please just tell me to stop lol. When i get on a quest for knowledge and understanding i dont stop until i am satisfied. now on to the post topic. i was watching videos on Geodes today. I would really like to go hunting for Geodes this summer as well as other things. as i was watching these videos on Geodes i noticed they all were spherical and i guess kind of nobby looking. It was described in a later video as cauliflower looking. Anyway i thought i might have some so i went to my rock collection from years ago and pulled these out. Now these dont really look like Geodes i have seen in gift shops but they are similar to what was on the videos i watched today. The geodes the people were finding in the videos were quartz geodes apparently. My question to everyone is are these geodes and what are some ways to tell if what i find is a geode? If any of these are in fact geodes i will cut them open rather than break them and post the results here. this last photo i am pretty sure is not a geode but just in case i posted it anyway. -Cheers
  8. pRoDiEuS

    In need of some education please

    Thanks for your post it was very helpful. Your post did bring up another question though. Are you able to tell me how I find so much quartz in southern Alberta? When I travel to the south I know a farmer there and I collect loads of quartz. It is scattered all over his land. The quartz there is where I find all my biggest pieces purest looking pieces. If quartz is igneous how can there be so much in Alberta? As far as I know we don't have any volcanoes near here.
  9. I watched a video today that had a meteorite expert on it talking about meteorites. One of the things she said is it is very common to find micros in your roof gutter or on the sides of your driveway. According to this lady she said these micros can be identified pretty easily because they will be almost perfect little spheres as well as magnetic. I do know that welding and grinding particles are sphereical as well though. I think as long as you look in areas away from industrial manufacturing and stuff. The odds are probably pretty good of finding meteorites. I agree though you can never be 100% sure until they are tested. However I have a Campo Del Cielo meteorite fragment that I got from a geologist, but unless I take it in and have it checked for myself I can never be 100% sure about that either. I am no expert but from what I have read and the videos I have watched all said micros are very common and easy to find. So who knows.
  10. pRoDiEuS

    Is this a flanged button tektite? Dig Find

    I didnt know that Mike. Glad you replied with that.
  11. I collect and have lots of quartz. I thought quartz was quartz except you have rose quartz, smokey quartz, etc... i had some quartz that was a bit pinkish and thought that was rose quartz but i was told is wasnt. I was told it was quartzite. How can i tell the difference between quartz and quartzite? Also is quartz crystal different than quartz and quartzite? Take this piece of quartz for example. Its not crystal clear but light and a laser goes through it pretty well. It is not mixed with any other kind of rock either. How can i tell what kid of quart it is without posting pics of quartz all the time asking people to identify it for me lol. I am sure everyone will get sick of those posts lol. Are there field tests i can do or is it mostly just visual?
  12. According to Jon Larsen. The guy who wrote "In Search Of Stardust" he said you can find micrometeorites pretty much everywhere. You just need to look in the right spots. This guy has found thousands of them. I believe to prove how common they really are he even went on to NASA's roof and found some. Sounds pretty promising if you do it right I think. Also when your looking at almost microscopic dirt particulates, 10 million doesn't seem like very much lol. Either way it's something fun to try. Even if you find just 1 I think it's worth it. I ordered his book. I am going to give it a go and see how it turns out.
  13. I am very interested to see what you come up with. I have read that 1 micrometeorite falls ever 1 square meter on earth every year. So with a big roof and if the roof has been there a long time, from what I have read is you have a good chance at finding some. I can't wait to give it a go this summer. I have a bunch of locations available to try out. I have access to a big roof at work but I don't want to try there. It is a plywood mill and I will most likely find welding and grinder debris. I am going to stick to homes far from industrial stuff. Happy hunting and don't forget to post your finds
  14. Lol no doubt. I would love to come down to the states and scour the desert for meteprites one day. What about snow and ice covered places?
  15. Hey everyone, I have a question about meteorite hunting. Although I have been collecting rocks and fossils since I was a kid. I have just recently got the bug for meteorite hunting this winter. I am being very impatient and I don’t want to wait for summer to look for micrometeorites or regular meteorites. Is there a way or preferred types places to look in the winter months for micrometeorites as well as regular meteorites? Or am i going to have to wait until summer? Does anyone here hunt for meteorites in the winter? If so whats your game plan when going out? -Cheers