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  1. I forgot to add this one as well. Again not sure what it is.
  2. Hey everyone. Found these in the same area as the one in my last post. I think one is a vertebra, one I think could be a tooth or a claw ( or just a plain rock haha) .. there is a bone or something sticking out of a rock with black stuff on it that I haven't the slightest clue about either. Any ideas on what any of these are please comment. I dont have a university or anything in my area to take these too. The last photo is everything on my kitchen table that I collected this week. Lots and lots of petrified wood.
  3. I was walking down a river bank in southern Alberta yesterday and I found this large bone of some kind. It was just sitting on the side of the bank half in the water. I have no idea what dinosaur it comes from but its pretty awesome. I also found a load of different petrified wood which is in the last photo. The very far left of the photo with the pet wood is bone and something else that I dont know what it is. All the rest is pet wood found on the river bank.
  4. I have a Fun Hypothetical Situation for everyone and I hope lots of people participate. ( to the Mods if this is not allowed I apologize, please delete post. ) The situation is this The Earth is under a mandatory evacuation order. The evacuation will be conducted in waves. The next wave will consist of Geologists, Amature Geologists, Rock Hounds & Fossil Hunters. You will be leaving to go to Saturns moon Titan where you will live and now call home. You WILL NOT be returning to Earth! You get to bring Three tools related to Geology and your top 5 favorite Rocks, Gems, Fossils and or Minerals with you. What will you take with you to Titan? The Rules: 1. The specimens MUST have been found by you. They can not have been bought, given to you or traded for. 2. There is no size limit for specimens 3. Only 5 specimens total between all categories can be taken. 4. Only 3 tools or less are allowed to be brought with you. If possible Please post photos of your specimens and tools.
  5. Do you think I should open one up as well? I was thinking of doing the one in photo 4. What would be your recommendation?
  6. I found these two rocks in a river close to where I live. I was wondering... Do these two rocks look like they are full of broken fossils to any of you? I am thinking they are fragments of trilobites maybe. When I look at them under a magnifying glass all of those pieces that look like fossils to me, all look like quartz mineral or something. I was thinking of breaking one of them open to see what's in side. Any ideas or suggestions?
  7. Today I was out looking around to see what I could find. I found a few pieces that I think could be petrified wood. They are however not as obvious to me as other pieces I find. 1: can someone please tell me if these are indeed pieces of petrified wood 2: what can I do to confirm something I suspect is petrified wood? What test can I do or what should I specially look for in petrified wood? I also found a large piece that looks like petrified wood that I found today. How ever it is completely white and looks to be entirely made of quartz or something similar. Is that possible? I have never seen an all white pieces of pet wood before. I will post a photo of it to this thread tomorrow. So you can all see it.
  8. So what's the difference between quartzite and an agate? I am confused because everything I find is quartz or quartzite but lots of people seem to find agates and to me they pretty much look the same. How do you tell the difference?
  9. Lol could be. Do the other ones look like agates to you?
  10. I was out yesterday rock hunting in a new location. I found 4 possible agates, 3 possible petrified wood pieces, and 2 possible rose quartz pieces. What do you all think? Even if they are not what I think they are, they are pretty cool looking in my opinion lol. I will post the photos not lit and lit with a light.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I don't find to many green rocks round my area. So this big one that looked different had to come home with me lol. Is there a way to polish this rock since it is so big? Or is it worth cutting open or would it be better left whole incase it is jade?
  12. Cool. Not really sure what breccia is. I'll have to Google it. Is that anything special or interesting at all?
  13. Found this is the same creek as the previous post with the green rock, red rock ( jasper? ) and lots of quartz. Even came across some fossils. Just wondering what this could be. The first 3 photos are of it try and theblast three are wet. Any ideas?
  14. Sorry this took so long. Took forever to get some sun in my area lol. 2 photos are of the rock dry and in full sun light The rest are when wet. I am not sure if it matters if the rock is wet or dry so I did both. I personally think it looks amazing wet though.
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