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  1. Thanks! How can you tell what kind of mineral it is?
  2. I was going through my petrified wood today and noticed something I for some reason did not notice before. This piece had a mineral coming out of it all over the place. I am guessing a quartz of some kind? It was coming out the bottom and the top. As well as the side. Is this normal in petrified wood? Or am I mistaken this not petrified wood at all? It looks like PW to me. I used a red laser to light u the mineral st the top in one photo. I have lots of PW and this is the only one with mineral like this coming out of it.
  3. So it is my understanding that agate can be clear. I have some rocks here that are waxy looking and small. Light goes through them all. So my question is how can you tell quartz from clear agate and are any of these agate? Also could the one with red in it be jasp-agate? The order in the photos will go top left to right is 1-5 then bottom left to right 6-10. Any help is much appreciated as I want to learn what to look for when searching for agate.
  4. I found this last summer in southern alberta. It is reddish in color, absorbs heat like crazy from the sun and even though it is hard to see in the photos it almost looks dull or waxy. I thought it was a red quartz when I first found it. What is your opinion?
  5. Hey everyone, As I was going through my rock collection from when I was a kid I decided to run a magnet through the box to see what would stick. This was the only rock to stick. It has a very strong pull to the magnet. It looks like quartz mixed with some other kind of black mineral. Would this be magnetite mixed with quartz? Or something else? I found it in alberta canada as a kid most likely by Fort Saskatchewan or possibly south east alberta.
  6. I think I have read there is different kinds of pyrite. Is this a type of pyrite and what type would it be? Is it just fools gold? It is heavy and I dont know where it came from as it was given to me years ago along with some fossils. I am going through my collection of rocks and minerals and I am going to start IDing and cataloging them. So any help is much appreciated.
  7. That's pretty cool. Thanks for posting the pics.
  8. I agree. I thought you meant like there was a river near by or something where I found it lol. I agree it's most likely formed by a water current ar some point. Like I said before that whole area was under about a mile of water 60 million years ago.
  9. The nearest river is probably an hour away from where it was found though.
  10. Yes there is a medicine wheel or something like that in southern alberta. I have never seen it though. There are lots of native artifacts found all over southern alberta. My first thought when I found this rock was the same as yours. I thought it was possibly a bearing block for a bow drill. But it seems rather big for that but it would work for sure. If you get a chance can you post a reply to this post with some photos of your rock with a hole in it? I am very interested see it.
  11. On more thing I want to share today is this really cool piece of quartz. It is kind of egg shapped and super smooth. It was either smoothed by ancient natives for some reason maybe for a game or something. or by water over time. I found it in a farmers field in southern Alberta that for some reason has alot of quartz in the area. This place in southern alberta gets very little rain each year but used to be under the water from the Western Interior Seaway. More specifically the Bearpaw sea. So I am thinking that is how it was shapped but again I do not know for sure. I have never found a piece of quartz like this before and I have been collecting quartz my whole life. Anyway here are some photos. Tell me what you think.
  12. This is one of my finds this summer. It's a fist size stone of some kind. Feels almost like a sandstone or something. I brought it to the farmer whos land I found it on because I was curious of the hole and what made it. I thought maybe some native artifact or something because of how almost perfect the hole is. However he told me that the whole area millions of years ago was under about a mile of sea water known as the Western Interior Seaway. His specific area is known as the Bearpaw Sea. He explained that there was a type of seashell that would burrow into rocks and leave holes like that. He also thinks there maybe more shells inside the rock where flakes appear to be missing. Can anyone confirm what the farmer has told me? Also should I leave the rock as is or break it open in search of the shells? My concern is there will be no shells inside and I will have broken it maybe damaging the whole for nothing. What are your thoughts?
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