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  1. Awesome! Thanks!! I will definitely do that.
  2. Thanks for the interesting posts I will try that. To be clear do you add the soap with the polish in the final stage? This is one of my rocks from my second batch after the first course grit tumble. They are back in the tumbler right now for the second tumble in fine grit. When this rock was in raw form it looked like it was petrified wood. Not sure now though lol.
  3. I didnt burnish them. I put them in course grit for 7 days. Then fine grit for 7 days. Theybsoent 3 days in pre polish and 3 days in polish. They are done now. But lots of them were damaged in the final polish stage. I think they were banging on eachother. I ordered some ceramic pellets to add to the tumbling process. I will have to do steps 2-4 over again with lots of them. A little disappointed but my favorite ones ended up turning out pretty good though. So it wasnt a total waste lol.
  4. This is the photo I meant to post of all of them.
  5. So I got a rock tumbler for Christmas. I picked out a bunch of jasper that I collected and some quartz pieces. These photos are after the pre polishing stage. They are currently in the polishing stage right now. Just thought I would share how they look so far. Some of them are looking pretty cool in my opinion. What do you all thing? Also are the ones I took close ups of still Jasper?
  6. Ya lol. I find weird stuff sometimes. I dont have any geologists or a university close to where I live the closest one is probably 4 hours away. So that kind of sucks.
  7. So while fossil hunting this summer I also found this. Does anyone know what it is? I was thinking Horn Coral but not sure. There also appears to maybe be a piece of bone on the backside. Not sure though. Any ideas?
  8. Is it possible to get basalt lava flow in a creek in an area with no volcanoes?
  9. No I haven't. What is the best way to do that? Scratch it with a nail or knife?
  10. Hi Morlock, Thanks! I was super pumped to find this. I have never found dinosaur bones before. Normally it's either shells, petrified wood, or imprints. The dinosaur fossils were found in Alberta Canada on the Red Deer River Do the Bones look agatized or something?
  11. I found this vertebrae fossil in August this summer. Not sure what dinosaur it comes from. However after doing research though I found that apparently 9 out of 10 times the dinosaur fossils in the area are from a Hadrosaur. A Hadrosaur is a Duck-Billed Dinosaur. So I am thinking this is probably part of an Edmontonsaurus. Thought I would share with everyone. Also I posted earlier this year another bone to the forum. It has similar coloring and texture as the vertebrae. I wonder if it is from the same animal as they were found close together. I will post a photo of the other fossil at the end. Enjoy 😁
  12. I found this in a creek this summer here in northern alberta Canada. Thought it looked weird and different. I have no idea what it is. Does anyone know what the dark stuff is that looks like its growing out of the larger piece? I also dont know what the lighter colored part is either. Would the inside of the rock be all dark like the bit coming out?
  13. That's interesting. I never thought to think of it as a skeleton. Any idea what kind of coral leaves a skeleton like this?
  14. A friend of mine brought this back from southern California. Apparently came from the ocean in knee deep water. I told him it looks like coral maybe. But he said there is no coral in southern California. So I figure I would ask all of you what you think. Any ideas?
  15. I forgot to add this one as well. Again not sure what it is.
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