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  1. Wow what a great opener. I feel like I’ve heard pizza wash before but don’t remember how it got its name? Can you elaborate?? Brownie
  2. Gotta love those peaceful early morning hunts and then those little zaps coming through the headphones as Mr. Fire BALL appears.
  3. Thanks Bill! No pic but a trusted story is still nice to keeps the hopes up👍🏻 Brownie
  4. Great stuff Chris. Take care of that back with ice and Motrin for a quicker recovery. Thanks for sharing! Brownie
  5. First outing with the 6000. I can’t pinpoint worth nothing yet but love the weight.
  6. Put mine on today Doc. Another extremely well made product! I just slid on the head cover and did not use any loop material and it fit great. The heavy duty stitching eventually wore off my GPZ bottom cover. To remedy this I took my wife’s hot glue gun and put a bead on the stitching and smeared it down which made the stitching untouchable underneath the hard glue. I plan on doing this again for greater longevity. Brownie
  7. I hunt like a ninja now. I love it. Super lightweight pack with phone, snacks, water, gloves. Scoop side or back pocket. Don’t where gloves unless I need them. The 6000’s headphones are a 100x more comfortable than the 7000’s in my opinion. I might add a guid arm after my next couple of trips. Over all loving the new set up👍🏻. Brownie
  8. “6000 useless in the Motherlode”😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. Back off market for now.😬
  10. I’ll be up in Downieville Aug 2-7 and I know Chris is not a stranger to that area. If for some reason you two will be there let me know please. Brownie
  11. OK she’s back up for sale the guy that wanted to buy it saw my gold monster and said he wanted to buy that instead. I told him it was not for sale and he backed out. Guy has never been gold prospecting in his life and barely spoke English but I don’t hold that against him. Needless to say she’s back on the market and I’m looking at $4,000 firm. Brownie
  12. SOLD!!! Thanks for looking everyone🤟🏼
  13. Frank you killed it! That specimen is something to cherish for sure. Congrats Brownie
  14. $4,600. I will only sell in person no shipping. Everything works the only damage is normal wear and tear on the screen and skid plate. Pro Swing harness, bungee, hip stick, ferrite ring, grey ghost headphones, audio booster, wireless module, charging station with 2 batteries. Rancho Cucamonga. I will travel to make a road trip out of it😀. Thanks for lookin. Steve Brown
  15. Man what a smile. Good for you two having that in common.
  16. I know this can be expensive but I’m still interested. Does anyone have a contact where you can have your placer gold made into rings? I heard of a contact mini years ago and remember you need an average of 7 g for a ring. I live in Southern California but would be willing to travel into Arizona or Nevada. Brownie
  17. Well done!!!!! If it were to be sold I bet the premium will be nice👌🏻
  18. You got it Chris! I realize my post might be giving up a gold location so I’m glad no specifics were mentioned😀. I’ll let you know when I make it out to Vegas area again. Brownie
  19. Can’t believe I have service. I just came across a pick. Handle is slightly splintered. Pretty sure it wasn’t there a year ago. Give me the location, type of pick and there’s a pretty unique magnet set. The correct answers get you the pick back if you like. Brownie
  20. Heres my AU by districts I hunt since Jan 1st 2020😁
  21. That was a Rad video nice job!! Thank you too. Brownie
  22. I bet you spoke to Dan. Very nice guy. With your gold bug I would rake down every tailings pile you can, the older the better. I personally know where to hunt for lots of nuggets out there but I can’t tell you🤣🤣JK of coarse. Randsburg has a ton of trash also so get ready to dig! good luck! Brownie
  23. Adam put up a great video of it a few days ago on YouTube. Quads in the background and then onward on foot. awsome score guys!!!!! Brownie
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