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  1. Historically miserable around the lode mines. This area was off the beaten path so very tolerable. First time I have “needed” to run in difficult and cranked sensitivity down a few. Tons of iron hot rocks.
  2. That’s a beautiful area!!! Worth your while gold too👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  3. Here’s as good as it’s gonna get Morlock.
  4. Went off today with my new camo hat (thank you Bill) and found my 2nd nugget for 2019. Did some research, got lost again, proved real life looks nothing like google earth (but I will still use it) and somehow came up with some gold. Once again it was at the end of a half day so I will definitely be back✌🏻✌🏻. And I will be wearing my new hat and the same underwear. Brownie
  5. My Garrett carrot picks up tiny hair thin wire set at The most sensitive setting. If I don’t have my pinpointer it makes for a long day. Congratulations shooterette!!!
  6. Speaking of how nuggets are born I found this interesting. A piece of hardrock ore and then magnified. The shape on the ore is very similar to where I found the shape of a nugget I have. Almost like a mold for the gold liquid to fill into before it cooled.
  7. Relic hunter can you throw me a bone? Which side is nugget gultch? I see nugget alley below. Thanks!
  8. Yep that’s Kevin Brown. He took me under his wing a little bit when I got started. He pulled a few pounds out of the narrows with a few other guys in 2009 I believe. A few of the nuggets are in a museum in LA. I heard nugget gultch was dry washed back in the day and you confirmed it👍🏻. With all the wildfire scares now a days I would have the fire dept on my as$ in short order. We I need to give that area a try again. You’ll see it posted here if I ever finds something.
  9. I love these types of story/adventures paying off! How far and how long “time” Was the hike??
  10. Videos are posted on YouTube daily about the east fork and I belong to their Facebook group so prospecting is alive and well on the East Fork. Relic hunter I have never hunted below that area I thought nugget gultch was just above the restaurant and up river just aways. I can’t want to spend a day with my 7000 below the road where you talking about👍🏻. I have been inside those coyote holes you mentioned. There is 4 I believe. Someone called them the China mines. I took material out of there and down about 200 ft to the river. The material was awesome. Blood orange dirt and gravel. All heavies with super chunky black sands. I only found a few flakes so for the work and danger not worth it. You can still easily sluice a gram in the narrows if you know where to look. There are still a few back there on extended stays digging to bedrock and diverting the river. Very impressive!! Brownie
  11. I swing my detector as close to and in bushes as I can thinking most don’t. I think I have some of your iron stone and such🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤪🤪🤪
  12. EF is about 35 min from my house. I started my prospecting hobby there with my son thinking it would be easy to score gold nuggets but only ever found trash. I was in my infancy as far as knowing how to hunt for gold. I then settled into running a sluice. Didn’t find anything first few trips out. I remember finding my first specs of gold💪🏼. Didn’t even know what a snuffer bottle was, I just pick everything up with tweezers. I got a .3 gram picker and almost lost my mind. I found my first nugget up in the narrows right on bedrock. 1.5 grams. I was going to make a Mr. T necklace out of it until reality set in. Since getting a PI machine I have not gone to the EF hardly. Maybe I should try nugget gultch?? I have crawled around below Shoemaker road but no gold. That was with a VLF machine. I believe the restaurant is open on weekends only. You can still find guys prospecting up there daily, the National Park thing has not slowed many down. Truly a great place. The lower river still gets littered with trash from weekenders. Brownie
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