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  1. That was a Rad video nice job!! Thank you too. Brownie
  2. I bet you spoke to Dan. Very nice guy. With your gold bug I would rake down every tailings pile you can, the older the better. I personally know where to hunt for lots of nuggets out there but I can’t tell you🤣🤣JK of coarse. Randsburg has a ton of trash also so get ready to dig! good luck! Brownie
  3. Adam put up a great video of it a few days ago on YouTube. Quads in the background and then onward on foot. awsome score guys!!!!! Brownie
  4. Got my book today Reese man this is well made with tons of colored pictures well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven’t read it yet. Got skunked today and drove 6 hours to and from😩😩😩😩.
  5. 😬yeehaw Go get those fines too!!! Brownie
  6. Uncle Ron’s the winner😃
  7. This was a mellow “high-low” signal. Sounded like gold, lead or meteorite. No trash in this area. I did think it might of been hot bedrock at one point though.
  8. Haven’t posted in a while. I enjoy seeing everyone’s gold finds so here is some pics. I will do a SG on this one at some point. I’m pretty good at guessing weight especially the half - 5 grammers. I was way off on this one. Found in a small wash about 3’ on the bank just out of the wash. 18” deep approximately. Probably knocked off 5 grams of caliche. I keep the scale at work so no pre weight taken. Brownie
  9. I have hearing aids Sonny I can’t wait to experiment with them next time. I have never considered it. Brownie
  10. I’ve been scoring my scoops for years with a razor blade to act as a riffle. Next level Doc! They look amazing Brownie
  11. Awesome Sonny! What do you suppose the host rock is on the middle one????? beautiful stuff!
  12. Geez what’s that Bill like 16 grams or so? nice work out there! Adds up Brownie
  13. Not sure what you did to get that nice looking gold so it depends. If it’s a day trip of beeping, crevicing, crack vacing, panning, drywashing or sluicing I’d say heck ya! nice looking gold. Brownie
  14. Nice post thanks! We’re you driving a yellow Jeep by chance? I saw a couple fellas out there hunting recently🤷🏼‍♂️ Brownie
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