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  1. I have hearing aids Sonny I can’t wait to experiment with them next time. I have never considered it. Brownie
  2. I’ve been scoring my scoops for years with a razor blade to act as a riffle. Next level Doc! They look amazing Brownie
  3. Awesome Sonny! What do you suppose the host rock is on the middle one????? beautiful stuff!
  4. Geez what’s that Bill like 16 grams or so? nice work out there! Adds up Brownie
  5. Not sure what you did to get that nice looking gold so it depends. If it’s a day trip of beeping, crevicing, crack vacing, panning, drywashing or sluicing I’d say heck ya! nice looking gold. Brownie
  6. Nice post thanks! We’re you driving a yellow Jeep by chance? I saw a couple fellas out there hunting recently🤷🏼‍♂️ Brownie
  7. Found a few unexpected nice pieces. Hunted about 5 canyons only 1 had gold. Got distracted and wandered into a small wash to find a small piece. Cut it short and met some friends. Later I finished out that wash and found the 14.1 Grammer, 13.2 after cleaning with CLR. I think I learned from Adam you always Finnish out a wash because you just don’t know what’s lurking at the top 1/3 or even end of that wash. I found gold in it so of coarse I returned and I’m glad I did. About 30ft away were some strips of faded pink flagging tied to a cactus and up on the other small slope a few old metal detecting dig marks. These were not animals. When I got home I found tire tracks literally right next to where I dug. All interesting pieces to the puzzle after the fact. Brownie
  8. You ever type something and then erase it? Well here you go🤪 Brownie
  9. Dude🙃. I see you 2 days ago and no mention of this trip. I love to research you know that. I would have researched your entire trip even though I couldn’t go. I hope you find something bro!!!✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 Brownie
  10. That is an awesome find congratulations! Specific gravity out of the question due to all the different host rock I’m assuming. Looks like it let go of some gold so more near by I hope👍🏻 Brownie
  11. Beautiful area Chris. Thanks again for taking the time! Brownie
  12. Nice SDC work Chris!! I’m starting to see more fires pop so we could just be having a delayed summer. Often Northern and So. Cal take turns for extreme fires. Only time will tell. I’d like to score some wildfire nuggets. Brownie
  13. Thanks to Dolan Dave for agreeing to cut my rock to ID it. Confirmed space rock!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Thank you Dave! I have since realized there is a meteorite section on Bills forum so I will post there next time. Just an update for everyone. brownie
  14. Thanks Dave you rock ☄️I sent you a personal message. Brownie
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