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  1. What I'm seeing is some sort of uniface (back is blank) decorative item that has been separated from it's host...whatever that was? Sure trumps digging up trash :>) At the least it would look cool in a display case!
  2. There's an old "Twilight Zone" episode from the early 60's that is futuristic in which gold became worthless. Seems like science had devised a way to produce gold so it became invaluable. Ha!
  3. I saw a program some time back that put out the probability all gold here on earth could have come from asteroids impacts thru time. I always was under the impression that when earth was initially formed the gold was already here...more than likely a combination of both. Space being infinite there is no telling what could possibly be out there! One also has to wonder how much gold possibly lies beneath our oceans which they say we still today know little about?
  4. About 10 years ago I put a set of BF Goodrich All-Terrain's on my Jeep that now have just 20,000 miles on them. I still have plenty of tread left and the tires have worn even due to maintaining correct air pressure, balancing and rotation. I've read that tires over 6 years of age is pushing your luck and should not be used due to safety concerns...mainly blowouts at highway speeds. Last week I had to get my state inspection done which I passed even though my tires are over 10 years of age. If running old tires over 6 years of age is such a public safety concern why doesn't state vehicle safety inspections check manufacturing dates on tires?
  5. Though the shape and hardness is different along with the exterior lines...the rind almost reminds me of a weathered apache tear. Once in Arizona I located the host rock some apache tears were eroding from and it was a very porous, crumbly white stone found in the vicinity of known past volcanic zones. Maybe you could have found some type of geological hybrid specimen? Ha! Interesting shape!
  6. I use to poke around the Cal/Nv area back in the late 80's and some of that country looked a lot like the scenery in that video
  7. I didn't know Jim Pangle but...Prospectors never die...it's just their quest takes them further back into the hills of gold
  8. I'm by no means an expert but the one with the broken base (black) could be a Bear River?... you may also want to look at Fish Slough for the side-notched? I have hunted in the past for arrowheads (still do) and at times they can be confusing to properly identify. Neat finds and HH!
  9. Nice!! Four in four...I'd could live with that
  10. I have the Fourth Edition... "Nuggetshooting Dryplacer Areas"...Follow the Drywashers...with an additional insert "Detecting for Hardrock Gold". It is hand signed by Jim Straight and I can't count the number of times I've it thru the years Hope you find the 8th!
  11. With the information ya'll have given regarding this thread I'm now ready to take this sluice on a test run and let the experimenting begin...many thanks
  12. My main reason for opening this thread was to gain a little more insight on the importance of slick-plates from the more experienced... and ya'lls response is much appreciated! Seems the general consensus say go with slick-plate regardless of whether you classify or not. Initially I was thinking about using vortex matting with no slick-plate feeding into miners moss under expanded metal for remainder of sluice without riffles. My thinking was since material was pre-classified (agitated) maybe slick plate could be eliminated to make room for more gold grabbing space? As for the "V" Fallacy.....I came across an article on the internet which included a short topic on the use of sluice flares. Flares can unevenly distribute material?...this is compounded further when one just dumps material in center of sluice feed instead of fanning material evenly across sluice feed. At times I can get confused but God I love this hobby
  13. Enjoyed the video Jeff! I've been watching Gary's videos for maybe a couple years now and remember him talking a little about the signs he looks for in choosing which boil to search.
  14. Hey guys I really appreciate all the feedback on this subject and it gives me some ideas of how to configure for now...at least for starters
  15. After much reading I have concluded there must be a million ways to configure a sluice What my question is...if you pre-classify material to quarter inch and place in sluice wet could it be placed directly on vortex matting instead of a slick-plate area? If no...what length of slick-plate area would you recommend for an overall sluice length of 36" x 10" width? Just to share something else I came across regarding sluice box design (I never knew) is using a flare which some say creates the "V" fallacy? Channels the water flow not really evenly across the sluice which creates build-up of heavies unevenly? Maybe I'm just splitting hairs so I came here for guidance from those with sluice-box experience
  16. Well if I was placing any sort of a bet on it I would go with what ya'll say...great bank of knowledge here on these forums and the reason I visit
  17. I see some nickels in there so you must be either keeping your discrimination lower or "eyeballing" those visual numbers I curse the almost constant rain here but I remember wishing for rain in Arizona...jeez I miss those days. Ha!
  18. Would glass have that white natural looking rind attached along with those striations? I can't really judge the size but could it possibly be a large piece of orthoclase or chrysocolla?
  19. I've always day-dreamed of eyeballing this place especially during a rain Also...one has to wonder what has naturally eroded into the surrounding "fringe areas" if one has the permission to search
  20. Due to the fact that mother nature has created, eroded, shifted, flooded, uplifted, erupted and generally rearranged the landscape for millions of years? I haven't read Doc's full article yet but soon will!
  21. Just strictly going by size, shape and texture it could have possibly been used by native Americans as a grinding type tool... or it could be just a natural water-worn geofact created by mother nature?? I would have certainly picked it up also :>) Nice paperweight if nothing else!
  22. Trust me Chrisski I know exactly what you mean Ha!
  23. Thanks Chrisski and Matt! Seems like I saw where Royal Mfg. sold one for $20.00 but it was for their 7" width sluice. I have a few ideas for piecing one together with some scraps I have lying around...the older I get the cheaper I get. Ha!
  24. Thanks Au Seeker for the feedback! I hope ya'll are doing OK out there in dealing with Florence!? Hurricanes are NOT fun...I lived through Harvey last year...felt like living on Gilligans Island...literally :>(( Stay safe!
  25. Just curious if anyone here knows...does Keene sell separately a detachable flare that fits their old A-36 10" wide sluice box? I'm trying to salvage an old Keene sluice by going the cheapest route possible. Ha! If not then I'll just "McGyver" something :>)
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