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  1. Randall

    Gold is Not Where You Find It

    Due to the fact that mother nature has created, eroded, shifted, flooded, uplifted, erupted and generally rearranged the landscape for millions of years? I haven't read Doc's full article yet but soon will!
  2. Randall

    Help Identifying this rock

    Just strictly going by size, shape and texture it could have possibly been used by native Americans as a grinding type tool... or it could be just a natural water-worn geofact created by mother nature?? I would have certainly picked it up also :>) Nice paperweight if nothing else!
  3. Randall

    Keene detachable sluice flare?

    Trust me Chrisski I know exactly what you mean Ha!
  4. Randall

    Keene detachable sluice flare?

    Thanks Chrisski and Matt! Seems like I saw where Royal Mfg. sold one for $20.00 but it was for their 7" width sluice. I have a few ideas for piecing one together with some scraps I have lying around...the older I get the cheaper I get. Ha!
  5. Randall

    Keene detachable sluice flare?

    Thanks Au Seeker for the feedback! I hope ya'll are doing OK out there in dealing with Florence!? Hurricanes are NOT fun...I lived through Harvey last year...felt like living on Gilligans Island...literally :>(( Stay safe!
  6. Just curious if anyone here knows...does Keene sell separately a detachable flare that fits their old A-36 10" wide sluice box? I'm trying to salvage an old Keene sluice by going the cheapest route possible. Ha! If not then I'll just "McGyver" something :>)
  7. Randall

    Flash flood

    Ain't nothing stronger than mother nature for sure!
  8. Randall

    one of them days

    Looks like that hunter may have hit the shine a bit early. Ha!
  9. Randall

    NEW! Hand Made Drywasher

    That is a nice looking "puffer" Bedrock Bob and enjoyed the history behind it's design. I built a small puffer (Sam Radding design) this past summer just for the purpose of testing tailing piles and reworking old drywasher piles. Frame and hopper are constructed from cedar while riffle tray and body are made from poplar which puts the total weight under 10 pounds for easy portability. Mine is more of a tester/sniper puffer.
  10. Randall

    A couple of Oregon nuggets

    Nice! I'd still be checking that area out. Ha!
  11. Randall

    Good Hunt Today

    What a day
  12. Randall


    I've only seen one and it never made the road crossing safely (flattened) just north of Tucson on the old Florence Hwy.
  13. Randall

    I found my biggest one today!

    Nice piece of oro Congrats!
  14. Randall

    So what do you do....

    So what would I do...….I only wish I had this question/decision to figure out. Ha! Nice score
  15. Randall

    Got a bucket list silver....

    Nice chunk of silver there Bill...Congrats!