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  1. Last month I posted a question about an item which turned out to be gypsum. I hope you might be able to ID the following items I've posted - really have no idea what these are. One is possibly a piece of Obsidian, another maybe a rose quartz as well as a few other pieces of quartz. Photos aren't as good as I'd hoped and I can always upload detail shots. My sincere thanks!
  2. nationalbank

    Numerous specimens - can you help ID?

    D-Day, just google searched azurite and you are correct about number 6. My lighting is pretty bad in that shot. Will post more from this group when I have a chance.
  3. nationalbank

    Numerous specimens - can you help ID?

    Guys, thanks a million for your help! - and yes, 14 and 22 are the same stone despite my attempt to number these correctly.
  4. nationalbank

    Large mineral??

    Many thanks for all the help!
  5. nationalbank

    Large mineral??

    Purchased a mineral / rock collection awhile ago but really have no idea what I am working with. Can anyone identify this large formation?
  6. nationalbank

    Large mineral??

    Many thanks!