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  1. Yep or 44 grams. It is a pretty light rock. And forgive me for my ignorance. I am very new at this but someone mentioned earlier about it maybe being volcanic, i was thinking that might be a possibility due to the way it feels (rough and chalky) and the weight. Also the redish brown host rock is chalky enough to leave a streak when i rub my finger on it.
  2. its not particularly heavy its 1.6 oz and measures 2.25" x 1.5" x 1.25"
  3. I know nothing about this piece other than it scratches red and white. Any help on what it could be or any other newbie to mineral identification tips would be greatly appreciated:)
  4. It steaks white on the bottom and top but that only rules out purpurite its definatly not as soft as lepidolite. I can't find any images of any other rocks looking like this but the way it is formed makes me agree, it most closley matches amethyst with like a dusting of quartz.
  5. It's a weird one. Its line no amethyst iv ever seen but it does appear to have some quartz mixed in the bottom. Thanks for replying though.
  6. This is a spikey rock. It is pale purple with a white frost that makes the whole thing sparkle. Underneath there is a red/brown spot surrounded by shinney grey/brown crystal.
  7. Hello, I'm happy to be joining this forum. I have always loved rocks and stomping through creeks but i never really learned much about rocks and minerals. I've only known that i am drawn to them. Recently i was gifted the contents of a rock shop but nothing was labled. Im learning a lot trying to find out what some of these are but often i get stuck. I'm hoping that by being apart of this forum i might figure out and learn more about this wonderful world of rock hounding.
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