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  1. 2 hours ago, mcgator said:

    Joined Bunk for the day since he just got a Gold Monster and wanted to take it for a walk. He wanted to try it out for specimen hunting. Everyone was blown away by it on this specimen where the gold was barely visible which made the Monster scream loud and clear. The SDC 2300 and the GPX 5K couldn’t not even hear it. One of the fellas was so blown away he's going drop $700 to buy a Gold Monster ASAP!!



    Mcgator, is the fella you...... if so, enjoy it.

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  2. Very nice picture to have, is she out there looking alongside Dad, would be great to share that time. I try to get my daughter out in the fields (relic's) looking but, but at 33 she'll gladly look and study over my finds with the same enthusiasm as me after the fact when she stops by.

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  3. 8 hours ago, mn90403 said:

    What does the cleaned version of those nuggets look like?



    I was thinking the same thing. Are those "ugly's" gonna change after a cleaning?  Are they mixed with something else? Do you clean by tumbling?  I know questions, I'm just learning and for right now just panning local streams when the weather allows.

  4. 9 hours ago, chrisski said:

    Not sure where you are in NY, but if you can get to the Swift River in Maine, it has some gold.

    Good info, Thanks.

    I'm in north eastern NY, have been doing research and not far from me are a few areas in VT that have shown some color, as for Maine, it's doable, about 4 hrs, the wife and I vaca there at times but, usually the South Maine coast, I think north east Maine would have to be a trip I do myself.

    I am in Denver (doing a lot of research about that area) for a week early June, all free time, so this thread is a great learning tool.

  5. 55 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

    It all depends, if the source has completely eroded out of the host rock and all of it has been mined/found, then there will be no more in that spot in our lifetime if ever, but if the source is still there and hasn't been completely eroded then it will continue doing so ableit slowly over time so yes the gold can be replenished to a degree or not if no longer in the host rocks and surrounding area of erosion or upstream.

    Could you guys do me a favor and stop picking up all that gold for awhile until I get out there.... thanks, Coop.:4chsmu1:

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  6. Under this thread I ask , from someone who has yet looked for the gold stuff, but will start this year in my local streams, well next state over, Vermont which is close, and I think I ask this for a lot of newbies, How much longer will we, us prospectors, (I include myself even though I haven't started, but I have the bug) be able to keep finding gold? Its it a resource that keeps on giving?  I know this sounds like a , I don't want to call myself stupid so I'll say, unusual question. I ask this of you folks who know what their doing..   Cooper

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  7. 16 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

    Yes Maine has some very nice gold and most of it is native gold unlike in New York which only has glacial gold, and better gold than Vermont albeit a bit further away from New York than Vermont, I have seen nuggets well over 1/2 ounce that were found in Maine but not the norm, but many, many small nuggets have been found along with plenty of fine gold and unless things have changed lately you can even dredge in Maine.

    Here's a relatively recent article on gold prospecting in Vermont.



    Good article thanks, visit Maine allot, will have to research there also.

  8. 8 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

    Welcome Cooper, glad to have you here!

    There is gold to be found in New York state albeit glacial gold and maybe only a spec or 2 here and there, I know several people up your way and they hae found their share of these specs, have you found any as of yet?

    If so please share with us, if not keep trying, I know the Finger Lakes region has been known to have some glacial gold to be found.

    No nothing yet, I pull a pail now and then and practice panning.  But, it's allot of fun trying.

  9. I learned of this forum, and website, from another forum I have been a long member off. On the other forum my first stop was always the Gold Prospecting area. Well now that I found you folks,,,, well you get the idea.

    Anyway, long time metal detectorist, relic hunter mostly. Big Big interest in Prospecting, but now the killer, I live in Upstate NY, most all of my prospecting is through the words I read and the videos I watch, although I have a pan and do hit local streams in my area, (do find some great looking rocks) and have a ball doing it. Well just wanted to say hello and you will see me in the pages here. Thanks,     CooperGold Prospecting Forum

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