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  1. 7 hours ago, Terry Soloman said:

    After swinging on the beach, in the saltwater, at a local park, and today in a farm field, I am prepared to say the Equinox is the best “All Around” park; beach; and field metal detector I have ever used. It is not as deep as the CTX 3030, or E-Trac, but it’s close with the stock coil. It is better in heavy park trash than both of it’s higher-priced cousins, and lighter.

    At US$650.00 the Equinox 600 is hands down the best metal detector in its price range. It replaces several of my tried and true Tesoro machines, including the Cibola; Vaquero; Outlaw; Tejon; Sand Shark; and Tiger Shark. If you’re counting, that's six-different machines. With the Equinox 600 capable of running three single frequencies (5kHz; 10kHz; 15kHz), and in Multi-frequency mode, it obsoletes all six of these Tesoro machines, and dozens of other great detectors, including the AT Pro; AT Max; Whites MXT Sport; Fisher F75; and on and on!

    The machine does get chatty in heavy trash, and you need to understand the tones and numbers to be precise with it. Pinpointing is much harder than with Tesoro machines. Again, it takes time to understand targets are picked up on the coil edges first, and then in the coil center. Discrimination and recovery speed are awesome. I would put this machine up against any Tesoro machine for speed and discrimination, and I’ve never said that before about ANY machine. I have found a ton of clad and a silver Merc, so far, and I have only hit well hunted, trash filled locations – on purpose. 

    WOW Terry, over your Tesoros,  I Look out for more from the field from you and the 600..I wonder if you got the 800 if you would be putting the Lobo ST in that list.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Mike Furness said:

    I feel for you Coop! :old: Godda keep the little lady happy .... ask her for an allowance for cleaning ... maybe after awhile you will have saved enough! :4chsmu1: Or NOT! Oh and don't tell her I suggested the allowance! :old:

    Mike, I just have to get her interested in Metal Detecting.... Great exercise. 


    I have an interest in a 800 someday, but like a few mentioned, I like you guys testing them out first..

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  3. 14 hours ago, Old Tom said:

    My dad ran Buggies up and down the Jersey beach in the 1930s and 1940s.  I took over in the 1950s and had a ball chasing Blues and Stripers.  I had two 30/31 Model 'A's but I didn't know there was a Beach Buggy outfit to join.  Was active in the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Model A club of America.  Fun Days, they did lift the privilege during WWII but there were other things to think about then. 

       Old Tom


    Absolutely Old Tom.  My home away from home is Island Beach State Park and my Buggy Permit. Made a lot of good friends down there. Although I don't have a Ford any more, run a Toyota Tacoma now. Its also a good place to Metal Detect, yes you have to get a permit there but, its free. 



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  4. I'm looong time surfcaster, (Admin on StriperSurf.com) (New Jersey Beach Buggy Association) since my early teens, and now a saltwater fly fisher, hunter, metal detectorist.  It seems like everything I like I have to defend cause people want to take it away. ....Beach Buggy Association, not that's a fight to maintain.  

    I'm going to try and have golf and bike paths outlawed... oh wait, I like them too.:grr01:

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