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  1. 16 hours ago, Ataboy said:

    Hi Lisa, thanks for your reply. I wont be able to make the March outing. I'm in Oregon visiting my daughter and my new grandson. (1st one) I hope I can catch a rain check for any future get togethers.  Arizona sounds welcoming right now with the cold front happening here in OR. Next on my adjenda is to continue looking for a property to make a home base for me and my dog. Any thoughts or ideas towards this would be greatly appreciated also.  Good luck and good health to you.

      Respectfully, Stephen

    Congrats on the Grandson Stephen, I like you are in the cold area  but on the other side of the country up in the Northeast, although in upstate NY it's going to be 72 today, go figure, but would love to relocate to CO or AZ.  Keep us posted on the move and good luck.  Cooper

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