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  1. 12 hours ago, middleforkminer2 said:

     Which brings up an interesting question about allowing government agencies and departments to pass laws and regulations that are in direct conflict with legislation that was passed  by congress, as well as arbitrarily allowing or disallowing things like prospecting......

    All I can say to that one is "yup", all the way down to the lower governments, towns, cities, hamlets.

  2. 22 hours ago, middleforkminer2 said:

     That's very reassuring....but the ONE thing I don't EVER want to do is get in a legal battle with a governmental agency.

    Especially the local one at the lake...they contract with the local sheriffs  dept. for some of their law enforcement/park ranger patrols. The last thing in the world I want to do is piss off the local deputies.

    I agree, what I'm trying to say in my kinda sarcastic comment, The people should have the power but, like you mention above, the power has actually been taken from the people and given to a the few who, in my opinion, abuse it.

    Getting back on the thread, as long as any public land belongs to the people, as long as its not destroyed, misused (not even sure misused is in context, some would say MD'ing is misuse) by the people, should be open up to all use by the people.  Again, the people (citizens) own this this country.

    Pipe dream I guess.

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  3. 43 minutes ago, middleforkminer2 said:


    And I don't care where you are or who owns the land.....if one of the people involved in the administrative end of the managing agency doesn't want you mining/prospecting a piece of ground, rest assured there is a law or loophole somewhere that will enable them to stop your activity....BTDT.


    Yes, but we own the land.....

  4. Only thing I know is when I fly I need a craft big enough that I can get up walk to the bathroom, return to my seat and have an attendent bring me Bourbon over ice.  You guys who fly those little things, that high, are braver than I would ever be.  Be safe.

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