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  1. 16 hours ago, fredmason said:

    Tom you can’t herd cats and you can’t keep some from wandering...

    Cooper, overcoming your fear of snakes is possible...start slow, read some books, go to zoo and watch...then find someone with a Rosy Boa and have them hold it while you touch the skin. After a while you can hold it yourself. I cured my mother of her fear...you can do it.


    I may just do that, They are fascinating reptiles. I kinda look in when at the pet store but, not many to see, if any at times. 

  2. 400 shipped to CONUS only,  paypal payment.  I have too many detectors, took this one out of the box assembled it and it's been standing in my closet  unused new condition. Whenever I go out my  T2 goes with me so the Lobo doesn't get used. Ups ground with tracking shipping.




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  3. LMAO.. yeeks.  For some reason the tastes of jelly bellies (jelly beans flavored in a zillion tastes for those who have not heard of them) entered my mind as I was reading the above. Then I nearly threw up at the end.

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