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  1. My little girl relaxing by the fire with dad,,, and being a girl, she always likes to go shopping, even at a Lowes.
  2. Excellent !!! Get a kid out of internet socializing and outside for the good life....
  3. Luke, the smile says it all. I remember when my daughter was that young many yrs ago, we were joined at the hip, where I went, she went. Like andyy said above, true gold.
  4. Very nice picture to have, is she out there looking alongside Dad, would be great to share that time. I try to get my daughter out in the fields (relic's) looking but, but at 33 she'll gladly look and study over my finds with the same enthusiasm as me after the fact when she stops by.
  5. Excellent... Also the last picture of the cactus, WOW.
  6. Reading this thread is like reading a book, alot of learning in these pages, a lot of thought put forward. Thanks
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Are those "ugly's" gonna change after a cleaning? Are they mixed with something else? Do you clean by tumbling? I know questions, I'm just learning and for right now just panning local streams when the weather allows.
  8. I don't know, this may not be a good website for me to be involved with being in upper NY,,,, cause I'm JEALOUS. Just go out for a little ride, just chat with friends, oh and this little thing pops up.. hmm. Very nice Bill...
  9. Bob, just watched this Video on lunch, excellent. Now I have a hankering to find videos on exploring Old gold mines... Off to youtube tonight,,,, or maybe when I'm out in CO in June, to explore some myself.
  10. Good info, Thanks. I'm in north eastern NY, have been doing research and not far from me are a few areas in VT that have shown some color, as for Maine, it's doable, about 4 hrs, the wife and I vaca there at times but, usually the South Maine coast, I think north east Maine would have to be a trip I do myself. I am in Denver (doing a lot of research about that area) for a week early June, all free time, so this thread is a great learning tool.
  11. Could you guys do me a favor and stop picking up all that gold for awhile until I get out there.... thanks, Coop.
  12. Under this thread I ask , from someone who has yet looked for the gold stuff, but will start this year in my local streams, well next state over, Vermont which is close, and I think I ask this for a lot of newbies, How much longer will we, us prospectors, (I include myself even though I haven't started, but I have the bug) be able to keep finding gold? Its it a resource that keeps on giving? I know this sounds like a , I don't want to call myself stupid so I'll say, unusual question. I ask this of you folks who know what their doing.. Cooper
  13. Since joining this site, which was just weeks ago, I look at rocks differently. I now want the knowledge and starting to look at more books other than just gold. I wish when I was back in school I wanted to learn as much as I do now.
  14. I'm following this thread for sure. Folks helping others, thanks from me, some great learning here. Cooper.
  15. Good article thanks, visit Maine allot, will have to research there also.
  16. No nothing yet, I pull a pail now and then and practice panning. But, it's allot of fun trying.
  17. Thanks Gents, I am presently at work so I have been working (READING THE FORUMS) hard. Can't wait to get home with free time tonight to spend some time going through a lot of the pages here. Coop.
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