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  1. Welcome JL from a forum and prospecting newbie.
  2. JL, Thanks.. Yes, been researching Vt, NH and Maine. All with in reasonable distances to me. Now I just got to get out there...
  3. Excellent andy, I get highly disappointed when after a bit and usually move on to other areas (relic hunting) when not scoring. Trying to learn, like you, to stay and find the,,,, gold (or relics in my case)
  4. Excellent pictures, clarity is great. Kinda makes me feel like I'm there. More pics.....
  5. Awesome Luke.. Good to know its still out there. When you say "Yeah, I'm running Li-ion batteries now." in place of AA's? I'm never experimented with rechargeables. Voltages the same?
  6. Bill, One heck of a hat. Wife and I went to Boston to see the kids Sunday and it never came off my head... Well, at Breakfast it did but that's it. Well dinner too. Thanks Bill
  7. After reading the manual and rereading it, just curious, there is a lot I like about it, and I hope it can live up to things mentioned, and a few things I'm uncertain about. Look forward to actual reviews from our members here. Coop.
  8. Well in June my first trip west of NYS ever for a week in Denver (vacation). I have been looking (reasearch) for a place to try my newbie panning. Will have my pans in my luggage, my knowledge from you folks and determination. Just want to find a peaceful little promising creek, but, The only picture in my mind and I hope it's not going to be like this.....is it?
  9. Jeez Bill, I really don't even want one (right now,) but I'm still excited... Coop
  10. My little girl relaxing by the fire with dad,,, and being a girl, she always likes to go shopping, even at a Lowes.
  11. Excellent !!! Get a kid out of internet socializing and outside for the good life....
  12. Thanks alwaysD. Getting some good help on this and appreciated. I would dance like a drunkin sailor in a room of rum if I saw just one flake of gold in my pan out there.
  13. Whew, when I first read it I thought it said naked classifieds... opened it up and........ then I read it right. always good to start fresh Bill.
  14. Luke, the smile says it all. I remember when my daughter was that young many yrs ago, we were joined at the hip, where I went, she went. Like andyy said above, true gold.
  15. I'm really excited to be visiting out there in early June, wife and pan in hand.
  16. From Upstate NY to Denver,,,, in the air. I am 60 and NEVER flown before..I know you guys can't help on that but, In Denver June 3rd to June 9th. This will be the first time west of NY State for me. I did a lot of online "looking" and I see a few public panning spots, (my pan will be in my carry on) which should work. But, I'll still ask, anyone familiar with the area, let's say and hour drive in any direction from Denver know of any really decent spot to pan? I know it's going to be a lot of greenhorns in the area like me but, a prospector has to do what he has to do. Thanks, Coop PS, my wife already said no metal detector on this trip.
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