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  1. Hit 74 here yesterday, everyone got the spring feeling..... 25 today and snowing, 4 inches so far. Guess the detectors go back in the closet.
  2. yowser...... I used to dive and metal detect under the waves....Garrett Sea Hunter.... A panic attack ended that.
  3. Outstanding Nuggets,,,,, wait, no more gold
  4. Ditto, good story and pics, congrats on the nuggets. Cooper
  5. Congrats on the Grandson Stephen, I like you are in the cold area but on the other side of the country up in the Northeast, although in upstate NY it's going to be 72 today, go figure, but would love to relocate to CO or AZ. Keep us posted on the move and good luck. Cooper
  6. For being in the Great Northeast here, we're hitting 60 today and 72 tomorrow.... In Feb its where we usually have ,,, 0
  7. Cool finds. If you don't mind me asking, was the ball around anything that would lead you to believe it was from a roulette wheel ball or an area that it could have come from? That find is a winner.
  8. Nice on the gold, but that 2nd picture is top notch...
  9. liking what I see so far...keep the reviews coming.
  10. Very interesting find. You first shot of the second set of pictures it almost seems alive. Great photos.
  11. I think this may be the first I have actually seen, COOL
  12. Cooper


    I know an old post but, I agree... WOW
  13. All I'm looking for is a little grassy area, by a little stream, my trusted pup sitting besides me, grill behind with 3 juicy steaks sizzling, a pan in one hand, the sun shining down on the 2 bikini clad blondes resting.......... oops, wrong day dream. Just want to have fun and find a speck or two. Coop
  14. Welcome aboard. I can't testify, I've learned alot from these folks.
  15. Rod, WOW. beautiful nuggets, the bottom picture, from all one trip?
  16. Dang Rod, unless your a photographer, you missed your calling. Fantastic..
  17. Yes, but Terry is down in the,,,,,,,,,NY City area
  18. Thanks, great info for those who are waiting for some reviews before jumping in the pool.
  19. Oh no no no, I do not venture south.... lol
  20. Excellent Terry. Hopefully a Video coming with this one...
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