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  1. Outstanding, more reviews as time passes please.
  2. XL here, I'd go for a couple also. Got the hat, a shirt to go along would be
  3. Howdy Ken. A newer guy here. Hope your enjoying the life on the road. Coop
  4. Outstanding Nuggets,,,,, wait, no more gold
  5. Ditto, good story and pics, congrats on the nuggets. Cooper
  6. Congrats on the Grandson Stephen, I like you are in the cold area but on the other side of the country up in the Northeast, although in upstate NY it's going to be 72 today, go figure, but would love to relocate to CO or AZ. Keep us posted on the move and good luck. Cooper
  7. Nice on the gold, but that 2nd picture is top notch...
  8. Very interesting find. You first shot of the second set of pictures it almost seems alive. Great photos.
  9. Cooper


    I know an old post but, I agree... WOW
  10. Welcome aboard. I can't testify, I've learned alot from these folks.
  11. Rod, WOW. beautiful nuggets, the bottom picture, from all one trip?
  12. Yes, but Terry is down in the,,,,,,,,,NY City area
  13. Oh no no no, I do not venture south.... lol
  14. Welcome JL from a forum and prospecting newbie.
  15. JL, Thanks.. Yes, been researching Vt, NH and Maine. All with in reasonable distances to me. Now I just got to get out there...
  16. Excellent andy, I get highly disappointed when after a bit and usually move on to other areas (relic hunting) when not scoring. Trying to learn, like you, to stay and find the,,,, gold (or relics in my case)
  17. Awesome Luke.. Good to know its still out there. When you say "Yeah, I'm running Li-ion batteries now." in place of AA's? I'm never experimented with rechargeables. Voltages the same?
  18. Bill, One heck of a hat. Wife and I went to Boston to see the kids Sunday and it never came off my head... Well, at Breakfast it did but that's it. Well dinner too. Thanks Bill
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