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  1. The 800 seems to be working out well. A Lot of good reviews so far.
  2. Great pics Tom and some good looking food..
  3. Dusty, doing the same here, my big thing now is all the youtube Videos. Been in to the "exploring mines" by various contributors on youtube.
  4. Cleaning up...Congrats, and also on the new machine you doing well with. I have my eye on picking one up,,,, someday
  5. All I can say to that one is "yup", all the way down to the lower governments, towns, cities, hamlets.
  6. I agree, what I'm trying to say in my kinda sarcastic comment, The people should have the power but, like you mention above, the power has actually been taken from the people and given to a the few who, in my opinion, abuse it. Getting back on the thread, as long as any public land belongs to the people, as long as its not destroyed, misused (not even sure misused is in context, some would say MD'ing is misuse) by the people, should be open up to all use by the people. Again, the people (citizens) own this this country. Pipe dream I guess.
  7. Nice job Terry, I guess you guys have less snow left than we do up in Albany Area.
  8. Howdy right back at you Ramrod, enjoy the show.
  9. Found this also in Truth or Fiction. The “Beaver Dam” Correspondence Between the State of Michigan and a Land Owner–Truth!
  10. Only thing I know is when I fly I need a craft big enough that I can get up walk to the bathroom, return to my seat and have an attendent bring me Bourbon over ice. You guys who fly those little things, that high, are braver than I would ever be. Be safe.
  11. Wow Luke, I was scared for you just reading that. Glad it passed and your out of the woods now.. Makes me think that maybe being out that far in the middle of nowhere, it should be a team hunt, at least with one other. I hike pretty far into the State Land here in NY to Metal Detect, places without phone reception, makes me think twice now.
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