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  1. Cleaning up...Congrats, and also on the new machine you doing well with. I have my eye on picking one up,,,, someday
  2. Howdy right back at you Ramrod, enjoy the show.
  3. Only thing I know is when I fly I need a craft big enough that I can get up walk to the bathroom, return to my seat and have an attendent bring me Bourbon over ice. You guys who fly those little things, that high, are braver than I would ever be. Be safe.
  4. Wow Luke, I was scared for you just reading that. Glad it passed and your out of the woods now.. Makes me think that maybe being out that far in the middle of nowhere, it should be a team hunt, at least with one other. I hike pretty far into the State Land here in NY to Metal Detect, places without phone reception, makes me think twice now.
  5. Very Nice... Good to know its still out there..
  6. Here's a picture of LowPoint on his last outing
  7. Gee Bill, 32 here and 18 to 24's of snow just starting. Its going to put a damper on any detecting....
  8. Mike, I just have to get her interested in Metal Detecting.... Great exercise. I have an interest in a 800 someday, but like a few mentioned, I like you guys testing them out first..
  9. I really wish I was as interested in History when I was in school as I am now. Outstanding pics.
  10. Bill, I told my wife you told me I have to buy an Equinox 800 in order to be one of the guys here on our forums.That didn't go over to well, she said how can I get my hands on this Bill.. I guess ,, maybe next year. Sorry guys, I have to go clean the house now.
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