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    Enjoying Life. Metal Detecting, Relic Hunting, and a new interest in prospecting. Surfcasting, SW fly fishing. Fisher Gold Bug Pro, Teknetic’s T2 Plus.

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  1. Teknetics T2 Plus, with Boost mode. With 3 Coils to cover all searches from relics to gold. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. $330.00 Shipping will be actual cost UPS ground to location. Will ship after cleared payment. No longer use PayPal due to account being hacked, just don't trust them anymore, so bank check or money order, or maybe PopMoney.Thanks for looking, Coop
  2. No sorry, I hung on to it and it's paid for itself already. I recommend you buy one when you find one on the market.
  3. Sorry to hear this, another American company closing its doors.
  4. Would like to see a solid rise in silver, like I thought it would.
  5. Any one looking for a VERY unused GBpro with the 5", let's call it, gold coil, I am dropping price one last time to $350. shipped. CONUS shipping only, UPS tracking.
  6. Fisher Gold Bug Pro with 11” coil and 5” coil. Used once on the beach and she stands. Less than a year old and in PERFECT condition, cosmetically and function. $375.00 UPS shipping to the CONUS. Payment by PayPal. Thanks. Joe
  7. Only being a "Fantasy Prospector" I am thinking that rush of water is a good thing? Moves gold around?
  8. Back on the block. Well, I don’t use her and have only used her in my yard and she sits. I need to get one out of the barn so I’m listing my: Teknetics T2 plus, plus is with the boost mode. It comes with the standard 11” DD coil, and also a NEL Sharpshooter 9.5x 5.5 coil AND Teknetics 5" Search Coil Also will include the Tek-point pin pointer. Now this setup is in NEW Working condition and NEW Looking condition, New to the bones. I have 799.00 into it and will sell by way of PayPal with shipping included to the CONUS. I am asking $550.
  9. I use $7 cheepo’s from Amazon, they’re the smaller foam ear (2” diameter) piece that work fantastic and I can still hear my surroundings. Granted I’m not looking for small gold nuggets so these work for me. If needed can replace for another 7 but they are lasting.
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