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    Enjoying Life. Metal Detecting, Relic Hunting, and a new interest in prospecting. Surfcasting, SW fly fishing. Also took up riding a Mountain Bike, just the Bunny trails.

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  1. Cooper

    Happy Birthday Doc!

    Happy Birthday.
  2. Cooper


  3. Cooper

    Hello everyone

    Howdy, welcome aboard
  4. Cooper

    Tesoro Lobo ST

    400 shipped to CONUS only, paypal payment. I have too many detectors, took this one out of the box assembled it and it's been standing in my closet unused new condition. Whenever I go out my T2 goes with me so the Lobo doesn't get used. Ups ground with tracking shipping.
  5. Cooper

    New Store

    LMAO.. yeeks. For some reason the tastes of jelly bellies (jelly beans flavored in a zillion tastes for those who have not heard of them) entered my mind as I was reading the above. Then I nearly threw up at the end.
  6. Time with Grandpa and an new interest. Good for you, and them.
  7. Cooper

    Tammy is getting it done

    Holy Moly, outstanding... congrats
  8. Cooper

    PSA - 5 Gallon Buckets - Flip them over

    Good advice Jack, 2 points that I never thought off. Now that I think of it, even small dogs getting over the edge for a drink and not being able to back out.
  9. Cooper

    One nugget, one Rattlesnake

    Yikes... I'm not a snake person. Congrats on the Nug.
  10. Cooper

    Hello, all

    Welcome Saul. All the gold is in NYS now.
  11. Cooper


    Howdy Lavida
  12. Cooper

    Hello Everybody

    Howdy Zul..
  13. Cooper

    Equinox 800

    The 800 seems to be working out well. A Lot of good reviews so far.
  14. Cooper

    LSD camp out

    Great pics Tom and some good looking food..