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  1. Very useful input. Thanks for the help!!
  2. Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who helped me distinguish some of my collection yesterday! Special thanks to @d_day and @pondmn, you guys rock (lol). I have some more photos, feel free to either take a look at my collection, or help classify what I got! Best.
  3. Interesting! It appears the "peacock" chalco is sheeting a quartz crystal. As for the first one, It's too true black and glassy to be coal.. My picture probably doesn't do it justice haha. Could it be black tourmaline? Looks very similar... Not sure.
  4. Wow! Figure that's about 7k in your hands right there?
  5. New here--checking in from the Hampton Roads area in Virginia, as well as Richmond, VA. I am a Graphic Design undergrad at Virginia Commonwealth University and recently delved into my old collection of rocks+minerals. Forgot how much I loved collecting and finding goodies. I'm a mineral enthusiast eager to learn about what I have--as I do not know what half it is. I also enjoy anything arts related, and working on cars (old and new). Me and a bud of mine are fixing up his '74 Super Beetle and am also building a motor to put in a shell for the summer time. That's about it! Best, Gabe
  6. Also, I think I narrowed the third one from the top down to an assortment of emeralds I have. Don't feel like cracking it open, but the crust is identical to others that are already split.
  7. Seems spot on. That was one of the ones I was more curious about... Very unique look. Almost obsidian-like texture. Very cool, thank you so much!
  8. Hey guys! I'm new to the community and need some help distinguishing what I have in my collection here. Firstly, I want to state that I do not have nearly the amount of knowledge with rocks, minerals, and fossils as most of you guys on here probably have. Realistically, I can't even claim myself an amateur collector--perhaps more of an enthusiast or professional admirer (lol). I realize the classification of the majority of my findings are obvious or simple, and a plethora of my stuff is not anything special, so I only ask to spare any critical judgement. My collection dates back to middle school (I'm in college now), and consist of findings I picked up in creeks/mountain tops, mostly in Blacksburg, VA and neighboring regions. Others were either passed down to me or purchased. Anyways, here's some of the things I am having trouble classifying. I have hundreds more, but thought I'd start off with just 5 images--and if the opportunity arises to keep the ball rolling with more pictures if I find the help I need. Thanks so much!
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