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  1. Thanks for the helpful posts guys haven't found any better yet. Maybe I'll try north 👍
  2. Found in a farmfield in southeast Wisconsin. Found completely as is no polishing, cutting or tumbling. Weighs 3.5 ounces. Dozens of layers visible. Deep shadow. Mostly red orange and yellow with a hint of blue.
  3. Thanks Fred! It turns out the Theresa diamond was found on a glacier erratic ice age trail just miles from my home! I've tried but no diamonds yet. Thanks for the tips Ill keep learning
  4. Gee thanks a ton Bob!! That's really helpful, I appreciate you sharing your knowledge like that. I'll keep looking
  5. If you click on the picture/hyperlink it will take you to my original post with multiple pictures and angles. Thank you
  6. Not everyone has the experience to identify their finds. Isn't one of the purposes of forums like this to assist beginners and spread knowledge. Why reply if you're not gonna help a kid out..
  7. I posted in two different forums and still no help with identification, where would be the correct place to post for helpful information then? What characteristics help you confirm that this stone is not meteoric?
  8. Thanks any idea what it may be? Also did you view all the pictures or just the one?
  9. Stone was found in southern Wisconsin in a farmfield
  10. Stone is a very dark brown Weakly magnetic Smooth surfaced No streak on porcelain, but does not scratch glass Interior is a darker color mostly plain with flecks of lighter brown mineral. Some surface features may resemble regmaglypts.
  11. Here is another shot of the window. There is a shiny inclusions near the center of a brighter metal. Is this also a characteristic of magnetite to be jumbled with other minerals?
  12. The streak test is indeed grayish black and also sparkly lol. does this mean a for certain magnetite specimen?
  13. It's for certain not hematite, but I think it could be some sort of magnetite. How could I determine if it is magnetite or not @Morlock
  14. I have a lot of hematite samples and this is very unlike them but I will not eliminate the possibility. I have also never heard of hematite being detected with a low grade metal detector. Especially a small stone
  15. It's extremely magnetic, streak test on outside of stone is orange streak but interior scratches a light grayish black
  16. Very heavy. about 60 grams, highly magnetic, kinda seems like it could have flowlines but it's quite weathered. Found in Washington county, wisconsin
  17. Don't have any etching material, is this worth getting checked out or just terrestrial garbage?
  18. Here's another one, also very corroded found in different area. How can I tell the difference between a "meteorode" and scrap? It does appear to be rusted steel
  19. Found a new hunk of metal! But is it from space? Any tips are welcome, be critical
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