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  1. I live in Tennessee and believe I have found a very rare meteorite. Before you say slag, it is non magnetic. The owner of a scrap yard took a tiny piece of my sample to a friend of his, who had some sort of gun like instrument, that identifies certain metals. He said it didn't read as a metal and something about that it contained sand. Ive been looking through pictures of meteorites with vesicles and Regmaglypts and fusion crust, and I think my rock has those. i found images of a couple that are large like mine and shaped like mine, found in my region. Was one large piece. Bust it into 4 pieces with split ax because I believed it to be PGM's before I did meteorite. The fusion crust is only on one end. Vesicles are from fusion end, to half way through, then none. Here are some pictures, but the sun was going down, so the lighting is kinda bad. what do y'all think?
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