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  1. moody

    More from the Pavement Patch

    Nice looking pieces! I'm itching to get out myself.
  2. moody

    New Years Nuggets

    Cool picture and thanks for sharing. That's a sweet looking crevice!
  3. moody

    Sunday Gold

    Awesome pieces Adam!
  4. moody

    Jeff's first trip with the GM1000

    Nice way to break in that new detector!
  5. moody

    Confidence Gold

    Thanks guys! I'm having a great time out there and learning more and more each time out.
  6. moody

    Confidence Gold

    A few weeks ago I detected my first gold pieces with a GB2. This really boosted my confidence in the field and has been a huge motivator. A couple days ago I was itching to get out to the desert, so I loaded up my stuff and headed out. After hiking through Cat Claw hell, I found what looked like a good spot. I moved some boulders and then got the Gold Bug 2 dialed in and ready to go. My first target was a small nugget - Yes! I took some time to look at the area, take a few pics and make some mental notes. An hour later, in the same general area, I got a loud signal from the bedrock. I was chipping away the rock and then noticed something that looked like chewed gum in the dirt. It ended up being my biggest piece of gold yet! It was an incredible morning that I will never forget. Happy New Year!
  7. moody

    16 to 1 wash

    Very cool pictures Tom H! Those are some nice looking LSD nuggets.
  8. moody

    Today's trip with the Toms.

    Looks like a fun day in the desert!
  9. moody

    Christmas Gold

    Very nice Christmas gold!
  10. moody

    Christmas Eve Dinks

    Awesome! This inspires me to go detect small tribs and depressions....Something I haven't done much of yet.
  11. Great article Doc! I've learned several new things from this post
  12. moody

    Christmas weekend Gold

    Sweet!! Sounds like the plan worked out and you scored some nice Christmas gold
  13. moody


    Nice looking gold and great story!
  14. Thanks again guys! I headed back to my spot and only found tiny pieces of trash in the immediate area. A few days later I decided to try a new area, several miles north. I hiked through rugged terrain until i found a nice looking gully. I got my Gold Bug 2 dialed in and started carefully working the area. Target after target ended up being bird shot, but I didn't care. It felt good to dig the targets and practice the recovery process. I was happy detecting these small bird shot pieces and felt like I would find gold if it was there. I used a screwdriver and a straw to clear the bedrock cracks. (Thanks Adam and Boulder Dash for that tip.) Near the end of the afternoon, I dug out another piece of bird shot. I checked the spot again, once i pocketed the bird shot and there was still a signal. I got down and looked and saw a very small piece of gold still in the crack. Yes!! It was an awesome day!
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I appreciate it!