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  1. Appreciate the input. I am not real jazzed on looking or hunting for meteorites but I sure wouldn't throw one in the bushes either. I check all the hot rocks I come across. Happy hunting and merry Christmas.
  2. I am not a meteorite guy but I found this in gold basin shooting for nuggets. It sticks to a magnet like it is pure iron.
  3. I am new at detecting and I feel like I just stuck a needle in my arm. I live in the hualapai mountain been to gold basin twice and the wife and I are going to Quartzsite for a week. Bought our first two detectors about a month ago (Whites gmt/mxt) and should get my Garrett atx delivered tomorrow! Haven't found a nugget yet but when I do my wife might find me sleeping under a bush in a wash somewhere not wanting to leave. Retired and found a new hobby that I really 'dig'.
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