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  1. Friend Chris, "you da' man." Always enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work. HH Jim
  2. Spud Digger Johnson has just released the "best yet" video on his "Spud Diggers" YouTube channel regarding searching for gold, coins, relics, and bottles at the 1860's Idaho mining camp. Worth watching! HH Jim
  3. Petr, check your message inbox. HH Jim
  4. Ron, my best wishes go out to those affected. During the 1992 Landers 7.9 quake Jeanie and I were in our house when it collapsed around us. Total mess. We were 1/3 mile from the fault line.
  5. ".... And my heart grieves, and pines... for the days of old.... the days of gold... the days of 'eighty-nine..." Sure wish I still had all those nuggets I sold for $400.00 per ounce in '89. Oh well... HH Jim
  6. My set of "Treasure" magazines is in storage, but if somebody has easy access to the July 1989 issue, that's the one that contains the article about Bud's find.
  7. Right you are, Dave. I forgot about that article, "$75,000 Rock Found." I must be getting forgetful.... When Bud contacted us at Jess Publishing ("Treasure" magazine) Bud and I figured that, with gold at $400.00 per ounce, and with a 60+ ounce gold content, then "Fred" could maybe sell for three times spot, thus $75,000. HH Jim
  8. Morlock, Terry told me AZ, but I knew him well enough to know that he might fib a bit about "whar I done found it." I concede you may be right.
  9. Certainly a wonderful find, but "second largest Arizona nugget" found is a far stretch. Specific gravity test reveals a 22 troy ounce gold content, whereas Kevin Hoagland and Terry Bone both found 27 ouncers in AZ. And what about the Potato Patch at Rich Hill, where LARGER potato-size nuggets were recovered? Just sayin'. HH Jim
  10. Finding is funner and Mo' Bettah.
  11. Garik, purchase a year's membership first. Also, join the GPAA for year, too. After a year you will know if nuggetshooting is for you. HH jim
  12. My advice for newbies is to always "learn to walk before you learn to run." Start with a good VLF, and determine whether nuggetshooting is really for you. To be honest about it, most people who buy a prospecting detector do so after seeing pictures of massive piles of nuggets, and they think nuggetshooting is easy. But it's not. As mentioned above, some folks search for years and find little or nothing. If you find that nuggetshooting is not for you, sell your machine, and move on. Which is why I don't recommend a newbies' first machine to be highly expensive. In my own case, back in 1983 I bought a Garret A2b, and practiced for hours in my yard. And I read everything in print, which wasn't much. My first outing was with Jimmy Sierra and Woody Woodworth, two of nuggetshootings earliest icons. After three hard days of detecting, I found a raisin-sized piece. The first thing I said was not "Eureka," but "Well, it's about time!." Bottom line: buy a Goldmaster 24k with both the 10x6 AND 6.5, searchcoils, get a set of high performance headphones, a nugget cup, my book "Advanced Nuggetshooting with the Goldmaster 24k" , do your site-locating research, and go at it. Hope you do well. HH Jim
  13. Jim's interest in gold mining came about due to the stories told him by his grandfather, Joseph Vietti. "Grandpa Joe" frequently regaled young Jim with stories about the wild and wooly mining camps in "the old days" 50 (and more) years before Jim was born. I collect gold mining camp ghost town tokens, and when I learned that Joe turned from being a gold miner to being a saloon keeper in Delamar Nevada (The Pioneer Saloon} I put forth a considerable effort to locate a Pioneer Saloon token. When I presented it to Jim as a gift his gratitude was so great that you would have thought I had given him the Hope Diamond. As seen from the comments in this and other forums, Jim touched many lives. The Midas touch. HH Jim
  14. Jim was a good friend and mentor to many of us, especially those of us who got involved in nuggetshooting in the pre-1990 era. In the late 1980's he would frequently visit us at the editorial offices of "Treasure" Magazine, where many happy hours were spent "talking gold.". He was rarely absent from GPAA Gold Shows in Southern California, Las Vegas, or Phoenix/Mesa. At one such Show he approached my booth, handed me a spectacular specimen of auriferous quartz, and asked me "Where do you think this was found in Southern California?. Studying it, I answered "[site A]". "Nope." "[site B?]." "Nope." "[site c?]" "Nope." I then asked, as he turning away "So where?" "Ain't tellin'" was his response. Then he added, "but I now know of 3 new places to try!" ,
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