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  1. Jimmy M

    Got a specimen

    As fragile as that (lovely) specie looks, I wouldn't be surprised if more mini chunks of it are lying in close proximity to where you found it. Hit the spot again, and let us know what you find. HH Jim
  2. Jimmy M

    went out for a wobble again

    Fred, it was nice meeting you at the outing. Glad that your mobility is improving. HH Jim
  3. Jimmy M

    Micros with the GB2

    When GB'ing slightly negative the best results are obtained when sweeping the searchcoil at a consistent height. One of the cool features on the Goldmaster 24k is that you can program it to actually track either positive or negative at all time.
  4. Jimmy M

    Gold Monster 1000!!!!

    azdigger, my recommended settings for the Goldmaster 24k are Sensitivity of 7, Target Volume of Audio Boost 2, VSAT Medium (6 bars), Threshold 2. Search in automatic ground balance, precisely pinpoint targets with the non-motion pinpoint mode, then engage Traclock to lock the ground balance setting at the current GB setting to facilitate target recovery without the GB setting "drifting." Once the target is recovered, to return to automatic ground balance, press and release traclock button and automatic GB is restored to the last setting without the need for rebalancing. Check out the "Spud Diggers" YouTube video entitled "White's 24k Gold! Exclusive training from Certified Dealers." Gerry was using an earlier, lower-powered pre-production prototype in the (far) less than optimal PRESET settings. The business cards used as targets had 1/4 GRAIN gold flakes laminated onto them. Your 24k, with the above settings, will significantly outperform the machine/settings shown in the video. To see Gerry tune and operate the 24k, see the "Spud Diggers" video "The New White's 24k Goldmaster." With my 24k I have recovered flakes weighing less than 1/10th grain. Hope this helps; HH Jim
  5. Jimmy M

    Halloween Patch Revisited

    Martin, a half gram a day keeps the boredom away.
  6. Jimmy M

    Halloween Nuggets: Trick Or Treat?

    Martin, "two out of three" ain't bad. At least you had fun, and are 1.62 grams richer....
  7. Jimmy M

    Vidal Meteorite

    No offense taken, just seeking input.
  8. Years ago I read about a huge, shallow trajectory meteor that allegedly roared over the then-populated railroad town of Vidal, CA sometime between 1905 and 1910. The wind gust and heat were felt by people on the ground. Does anyone know about this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Jimmy M


    Terry was one of the best early-day nuggetshooters. He was the only person I've known to pronounce "Jim" with two syllables. As in "How-dee Gee-um." We had some golden times together...HH Jim
  10. Jimmy M


    Adam, detailed PM sent. HH JIm
  11. Jimmy M


    If you want to see the 24k in action, check out the "Spud Diggers" YouTube channel's videos "How to metal detect for gold" and "24k gold Training". Gerry and I are the first two "White's Goldmaster 24k Certified Dealers," largely due to the fact that he and I developed the Certification Program . HH Jim
  12. Jimmy M


    AZdiggger, since the 24k is making old nuggetshooting sites productive again, all of my beeping of late has been for the yella, but testing my 24k against my GMT on already-found meteorites, the performance (coil for coil) is just as outstanding. In a few days I hope to be testing (several?) new 24k searchcoil prototypes. Maybe we'll hit some known strewn fields to see what has been missed. Suggestion: if you buy a 24k, get the two-coil Export package. Only $100.00 more then the basic, but that 6" round flat-bottomed Concentric is a nugget killer! HH Jim
  13. Jimmy M


    I have compared the GMT (formerly my absolute favorite VLF gold finder) to the Goldmaster 24k. The Goldmaster 24k is now my favorite machine. More power, more depth, better ground balancing system, more features, lower price, unsurpassed VLF performance. Nuff said? For more information on the 24k check out my Field Test in the October issue of Western and Eastern Treasures. Also check out the YouTube videos on the 24k. HH Jim
  14. Jimmy M


    Which elicits the question, Would a meteorite STILL retain sufficient heat to ignite brush, timber, dry grass, etc., upon landing? Any VERIFIED cases of meteorites doing so? Just asking...
  15. Jimmy M

    Took a Hit

    Old son, you have a right to vent. I know how you feel, I got taken three times for a total of 2,000.00 and only got 800.00 back. And it took months to finally resolve the one successful claim. The CC companies are happy to take their 3-4% on hundreds of sales but don't want to know you exist when you place a claim. I'm REALLY sorry to hear about this my friend. HH Jim