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  1. Jimmy M

    Vidal Meteorite

    No offense taken, just seeking input.
  2. Years ago I read about a huge, shallow trajectory meteor that allegedly roared over the then-populated railroad town of Vidal, CA sometime between 1905 and 1910. The wind gust and heat were felt by people on the ground. Does anyone know about this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Jimmy M


    Terry was one of the best early-day nuggetshooters. He was the only person I've known to pronounce "Jim" with two syllables. As in "How-dee Gee-um." We had some golden times together...HH Jim
  4. Jimmy M


    Adam, detailed PM sent. HH JIm
  5. Jimmy M


    If you want to see the 24k in action, check out the "Spud Diggers" YouTube channel's videos "How to metal detect for gold" and "24k gold Training". Gerry and I are the first two "White's Goldmaster 24k Certified Dealers," largely due to the fact that he and I developed the Certification Program . HH Jim
  6. Jimmy M


    AZdiggger, since the 24k is making old nuggetshooting sites productive again, all of my beeping of late has been for the yella, but testing my 24k against my GMT on already-found meteorites, the performance (coil for coil) is just as outstanding. In a few days I hope to be testing (several?) new 24k searchcoil prototypes. Maybe we'll hit some known strewn fields to see what has been missed. Suggestion: if you buy a 24k, get the two-coil Export package. Only $100.00 more then the basic, but that 6" round flat-bottomed Concentric is a nugget killer! HH Jim
  7. Jimmy M


    I have compared the GMT (formerly my absolute favorite VLF gold finder) to the Goldmaster 24k. The Goldmaster 24k is now my favorite machine. More power, more depth, better ground balancing system, more features, lower price, unsurpassed VLF performance. Nuff said? For more information on the 24k check out my Field Test in the October issue of Western and Eastern Treasures. Also check out the YouTube videos on the 24k. HH Jim
  8. Jimmy M


    Which elicits the question, Would a meteorite STILL retain sufficient heat to ignite brush, timber, dry grass, etc., upon landing? Any VERIFIED cases of meteorites doing so? Just asking...
  9. Jimmy M

    Took a Hit

    Old son, you have a right to vent. I know how you feel, I got taken three times for a total of 2,000.00 and only got 800.00 back. And it took months to finally resolve the one successful claim. The CC companies are happy to take their 3-4% on hundreds of sales but don't want to know you exist when you place a claim. I'm REALLY sorry to hear about this my friend. HH Jim
  10. Jimmy M

    Some Gold !

    "it's a tough, tough business"... but somebody has to do it! Well done Adam.
  11. Jimmy M

    Sunday morning hunt

    Tammy whupped 'ol Bill... cool!
  12. Jimmy M

    "One for Wednesday"

    Lovely bedrock. Lovelier gold. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Jimmy M

    Newcomers beware

    Whew, I feel better now, thanks Bill. Also, thanks for the kind words. But I guess my cover has been blown. One of my favorite connections with the word "salt" has to do with the first nugget we found at "Half Pound Ravine." Hawkeye was detecting the bottom of the ravine (her back was hurting her) standing in heavy brush, and I was on the hillside detecting the bench placer. I was trying to isolate a target, when she called me over. She was getting a signal from the hole someone had already dug. "Would you dig this?" she asked. A signal from a potentially good site; I told her "Sure, dig it," said, and returned to dig my target. Ignorant husband that I am, actually what she was saying was "My back hurts. Would you please dig this for me?" My target was lead, and then glancing in her direction, all of a sudden she stands bolt upright, she had dropped her machine, one hand was clutching the other. My natural thought was that she had encountered a rattler, and had been bitten on the hand. I ran down to her, her golden-brown eyes flashing, she thrust out her hand, and excitedly said "Lick off the salt!" What she meant was, "Clean off the dirt." She was holding a double sugar cube sized specie with about a half ounce gold content. Ten pounds of yella' later that ravine is still producing... gotta do more digging, though. HH Jim
  14. Jimmy M

    Newcomers beware

    I salted gold once. Yeah, me. Well, sort of. Maybe. But it was by accident. Early one freezing dawn I was on a very steep hillside, having just recovered a frosty "Mojave Midget." As I fumbled with my aluminum nugget vial with frozen fingers I forgot that the vial contained a few bits of yella' from a previous outing in another area. One of them fell out, struck the tip of my boot, and then launched itself downhill into the sun like a gleaming yellow meteorite. It probably fell at least thirty feet into a stand of cactus. I wimped out and didn't attempt to recover it. Does this count as "salting?"
  15. Jimmy M

    Newcomers beware

    The challenge of the hunt, the thrill of success, the imagined "connection" with fellow Argonauts of times long past, the sense of fulfillment when we feel the "thud" of the nugget as it drops from the nugget cup onto our palm, the hoped-for flash of yellow.... is all very gratifying. For me, the first nugget of the day is always the most cherished, since it means that Little Jimmy is back in the game...