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  1. izzme, yes, many of us here have more than one detector, for differing applications. Yes, there are some very good "do it all" detectors, such as the M 7, MXT, Equinox 800, etc. For wet salt, black sand beaches PI's outperform VLF's.
  2. A silver star for you, Dave. Craig's piece (in the dirt clod) was indeed Humbug. And, yes, we were at Gold Crown Mine, adjacent to San Bernardino Wash. The arrastre in the opening scene was at Old Dale. We shot the video in November, Rob's usual posting time is 3 months after filming. We intend to shoot another mid-April.
  3. Different spots several miles apart in the same Mining District.
  4. Izzme, the GB II can find itsy bits of gold as small as 1/20th grain using the 6" coil. The GMT, using the standard 10x6 coil, can easily find 1/10 grain flakes. When gold is $1,300.00 per ounce, we are talking about a 14 cent versus 27 cent target. But, the GMT has much more depth, handles mineralized ground much better, has automatic ground balance, has instantaneous ground balance, plus has iron ID and iron grunt (saves a vast amount of unnecessary digging), plus multiple speed self-adjusting threshold, and is much easier to use, especially for a novice. As for hunting on wet salt beaches, neither machine is well suited. Hope this helps' HH Jim
  5. Bill, the closest gold-bearing area near YV is the Rattlesnake Canyon west of Pioneertown. The gold is well scattered over a wide area. My friends and I have taken thousands of small nuggets from the area, but it is not known for big gold. Largest nugget I know of was 6.3 oz. The FCM have a claim in the area. The Dale District produces bigger gold, but the gold is well scattered over a very large area, and tends to be deep. The Pinto Placers are well-known, but heavily hunted, and under claim by the Western States Prospectors Association, of which I, and several others on this Forum, are members. Once the snow melts, Holcomb Valley and Gold Mountain in Big Bear can produce lots of small bits. Farther afield from YV are various areas north of Barstow. Hope this helps; HH Jim
  6. The Gold Prospector's Association of America will hold their highly popular Phoenix Gold Show on March 2 & 3. It will be held at the Arizona State Fairgrounds, 1826 W. McDowell. The next weekend (March 9 & 10) the Gold Show moves to Fresno to the Big Fresno Fairgrounds, located at 1121 S. Chance St. I will have a booth ("Jim's Metal Detectors") at both Shows. At Fresno "Spud Digger" Rob Johnson of the "Spud Digger" YouTube channel will be with me at my booth. Feel free to drop by. HH Jim
  7. Adam, if the L Long sleeve is still available I'll take it. PM me. Thanks
  8. Go to YouTube, do a search for Spud Diggers, click on the video entitled "We found gold metal detecting in California." HH Jim
  9. "Spud Digger" Rob Johnson just posted a short video on his YouTube "Spud Digger" channel. Most of the day was spent exploring rather than detecting but some decent gold was found.
  10. Relichunter asked "Who's is it?" Well, Bill found it, Bill lost it, Tammy found it, Tammy dug it, Tammy put it in HER nugget vial. In MY nugget hunting household Hawkeye and I have a rule: "Whoever digs it, keeps it." You loose Will'um! HH Jim
  11. I have found specimens of similar gold in magnetite/hematite in the Holcomb Valley near Big Bear California. Van Dusen Canyon in that area is named after Jed Van Dusen, a blacksmith- turned-gold miner during the Big Bear Gold Rush of the 1860's. Claiming that the black sand from Holcomb Valley could be smelted into high grade steel, he urged the miners to sell him their concentrates, from which he secretly extracted the gold. Van Dusen became rich. Nobody knew how or where he got his gold, and when he died there was a great effort put forth to find "Van Dusen's Mine." Since there was no "mine," none was found. Thus the legend developed of "Van Dusen's LOST Mine." BTW nice find! HH Jim
  12. Martin, glad to hear you got out without "bears nibbling on fresh prospector." HH Jim
  13. A guy I know hunts missing aircraft. He told me that oftentimes lost aircraft are eventually found FAR from where they were "supposed" to have crashed. According to him, in one case a plane thought to have gone down near Salt Lake City was actually found in the center of the Mojave Desert. He claims that once, while searching for a recent wreck, he found an old, previously unreported wreck with three people on board.
  14. As fragile as that (lovely) specie looks, I wouldn't be surprised if more mini chunks of it are lying in close proximity to where you found it. Hit the spot again, and let us know what you find. HH Jim
  15. Fred, it was nice meeting you at the outing. Glad that your mobility is improving. HH Jim
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