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  1. Thank you for your reply . Benten
  2. Here more pics of the shape..........
  3. This stone has a mouse-shape . It’s weight is 339 gr. and the measures are 6.2cm l. x 4,4cm h. x 4,2cm w. . It feels very heavy for a small stone . Magnetic . On many places I see shinny Nickle ? and minerals ? Is this an iron- meteorite ? Thanks in advance, Benten
  4. Thank you both for your reply. Mikestang , I 'm Dutch ... and don't understand the words : file a window please. I tried to find it in online-translation, without succes . Please can you say it in other words . bENTEN
  5. Here 2 more pictures . On the "broken" part I see very little shiny points... maybe iron. bENTEN
  6. Looking again with the magnifying glass I see more details. I'll post more detailed pictures. bENTEN
  7. Thank you all for your reply ! Here's the second stone of the three that I found on the fleamarket in Belgium. Weigt 22gr. , measures 3,5 x 2,5 x 1,5 cm high : shape looks more as a meteorite... but maybe the same type of stone as the first I posted here before ? bENTEN
  8. Hello I'm new on this forum. I found this stone on a fleamarket in the east of Belgium . It measures 3,5x2,5x2,5 cm Weight is 14 gr. Some parts of the stone are a bit reddish transperant . Ofcourse I looked for simular stones , but I couldn't find . bENTEN
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