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  1. Wow! that's some nice looking AU! What a great find congrats!
  2. I hear yah! Maybe next we could rustle up a quick billion for kids with cancer! That would be pretty sweet.
  3. There is only one thing I can say on this fine day about this brick buying business! AU to all and to all a great Christmas! P.S. I asked Santa for my right to legally dredge in Cali and a new stack of ore sample bags.
  4. Very cool thanks for sharing.
  5. Looks to be botryoidal agate. Really cool find congrats!
  6. I really like the two little quartz/gold pieces. Found those in the lower mat cleanup. Smokes going to be clearing soon! Seems like my prospecting is going to primarily be a fall/winter/early spring activity if the summers keep burning me out. Been itching to hit some seasonal creeks anyway.
  7. Between getting my son ready for college and dropping him off and with the heavy smoke I was only able to get a day of work at the claim since my last post. My sluice is 7ft long in total so its hard to get a good angle just sitting it in the flow the traditional way you would with a shorter sluice box. I found a natural fall with a decent drop that I utilized so I did not tinker with the hose idea yet. Found a nice layer of older clay and flood material about 1 ft down and recovered some small pieces. I processed roughly 35 buckets of the flood material.
  8. I have no problems talking to the forest law I just haven't had occasion to as of yet due to my remote nature. I do talk to game wardens quite often because my offshore fishing habit. I dont need to make millions, I am fine with any amount of gold a day. I use a long tom style sluice of my own design. Digging and sluicing and detecting is what I do and I am quit comfortable and good at it. I have no idea what stealth panning is and I use my hands to manipulate the tools that dig and such. Don't care what people think but I value the opinions of fellow prospectors when it comes to prospecting.
  9. Thanks for for all the wisdom fella"s. Yep AUseeker , built a more aggressive sluice that can be worked for long periods of time between cleanings. It needs a much steeper drop than the creek can offer so I am just trying to innovate that while the smoke clears at the claims. I hear your words middlefork, sage advice for sure. I prospect in the Siskiyou and Marble mountains mostly and looking to claim in Plumas NF area if I can find one. Way I figure politics are stacked against me anywhere in CA., so I try to work around it the best I can. I dont perambulate with the local forest Law so I remain unsure of the areas enforceable political intent.
  10. Maybe I could screen the intake, wonder if that would pacify the beast?
  11. Is setting up in the creek and utilizing a long section of 4" hose to gather water from up creek to my sluice down creek allowing me achieve the proper angle/flow going to get me ejected if I get inspected?
  12. Grip hoist and a rock net. They are pricey but well worth the money in my opinion. New ones are real $$, used ones are more reasonable. Mine is from the 70's and still works flawlessly. I have a T.19 which is a smaller hoist and it will easily move a 1000lb boulder where I want it. Grip hoists are a much safer choice for manual operations because they have a set of shear pins that will fail before the cable or mechanisms contained within the hoist. The pins can be replaced easily onsite. There are some good deals on ebay right now for used grip hoist. The best deals are the ones that include good condition wire rope. A rock net can be purchased for around $150 Definitely frequent yard sales and such as you may find a really good deal on one, Its where I picked up my T.19 and rope for $75.
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