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  1. The shadow on your hand looks scarier then the bug.
  2. Looks like it could have been a light bulb or vacuum tube.
  3. Was out there today and the ground is very damp, even at the surface.
  4. I messaged you about the Goldwell sluice.
  5. Reminds me of a stalagmite or stalactite from a cavern.
  6. Well, I wonder if Minelab would still warranty it if I sent it in on a broom stick. Since they did supply the adapters to do that.
  7. I cut the shaft down on mine. I just removed the end cap, used a tubing cutter and then put the cap back on. Looks factory. Pro's are the end doesn't poke me anymore and it fits in my detector bag. No Con's as of yet.
  8. The second picture looks kind of like a pyrite sun.
  9. The videos are great, very informative. Learned a lot from them. Looks like I might have to get a 6 inch coil for my equinox.
  10. I guess then the nuggets that are over 100 years old you have to leave.
  11. Sounds like you can keep the coins, but have to leave the jar.
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