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  1. Reminds me of a stalagmite or stalactite from a cavern.
  2. Looks like part of the bombing ranges.
  3. Well, I wonder if Minelab would still warranty it if I sent it in on a broom stick. Since they did supply the adapters to do that.
  4. I cut the shaft down on mine. I just removed the end cap, used a tubing cutter and then put the cap back on. Looks factory. Pro's are the end doesn't poke me anymore and it fits in my detector bag. No Con's as of yet.
  5. The second picture looks kind of like a pyrite sun.
  6. The videos are great, very informative. Learned a lot from them. Looks like I might have to get a 6 inch coil for my equinox.
  7. I guess then the nuggets that are over 100 years old you have to leave.
  8. Sounds like you can keep the coins, but have to leave the jar.
  9. Thanks everyone. I am very excited about my find. I know it's not that easy, just beginners luck. Can't wait to get back out there. Looking forward to get the full training from Bill.
  10. Bought a Gold Monster from Bill yesterday. Went out today and did some dry washing. Check my tailings pile and found nothing, then I checked the hole, still nothing. Packed my gear up and decided to play around with the GM. So I start up the hill just out of the wash I was in and within 5 minutes the GM was indicating a good target. Scooped some dirt off the top and it is still in the ground, did another scoop and now the target is in the scoop. Looked through the dirt and found this little guy. 1 grain. It was around 1/2 inch down. Was using the 5 inch coil with 3/4 sensitivity in the shallow mode. Searched the area for another 15 minutes then had to get going. Thanks Bill for the great deal on the detector and the basic instructions.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I will be at the Road Runners coin shoot that weekend, might just come by and say Hi to everyone. Fran
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