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  1. The damage to his silver half wasn't caused by his retrieval technique. His technique may need to be improved but none of his finds appear to have been nicked in any way. Great finds, congratulations.
  2. I would definitely like to see your electrolysis tank build. I think there could be many uses for it. Think of all the rusty tools found at garage sales and auctions that could be rejuvenated. Maybe even your own that were lost in the yard and not found till the next summer or so. Excellent idea.
  3. Just getting back to an old dream, lurking on here and other places. Panned for gold in the Black Hills when I was ten and found it. That got the fires lit. Planned on dredging in the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana, broke my knee, changed my life. Now, before it's totally outlawed and I can't get out of bed anymore I'm planning to head to the SW. CyHawkGold
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